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Have you missed me (and had a little whoops tonight after 12 weeks)

Hey guys, how is everyone doing?? I have been out of town for a few days so haven't had much time to post on here :(

Have you missed me?? :p hehe. I have missed everyone here, it just feels wired to be away from minimins. I hope i haven't missed too much on the forum since i have been away.Cant wait to start posting again and see what everyone is upto ( i sound sad dont i , lol :rolleyes:)

How is everyone doing with their diets?? I hope things are going well.:)

I have had abit of a whoops tonight :rolleyes:. I have done so well whilst i have been away and resisted everything from pizza to curry and chapatties (you get offered this alot when you are a guest at relatives house) but i kinda had a few fries today :eek:. I'm not too upset about it because i have done well for about 3 months now and i am near my goal weight. I got weighed today and lost 3lbs but i have just weighed myself again after eating some fries and i think i have put it back on, but it might be wtaer weight due to the salt.:confused:

Like i said i am not too bothered about slipping up tonight because i am working up through the maintanance steps and should be on 1000 soon (cant wait to have some fruit :)). The only thing that got me alittle upset :( was the thought of me going back to eating junk food that is unhealthy for me and gaining my weight back :(.

I guess i feel this way because i really enjoyed the fries, lol, but i wanted to hate the taste. I really want to stick with healthy food and i know the maintanance stages will help with that but i cant help but worry about falling back into old habits after i finish the diet. :(

I am planning on joining a diet group like Rosemary C just to maintain and get some new recipies, but i have ramadan to worry about because we used to have fried food every night to break the fast. I guess its going to take alot of will power to resist but I do intend to join the gym in August and amke that a regular thing. I have to exercise for my stress management so i am hoping this will help me feel better about maintaining my weight.

I was just wndering if i will be out of ketosis after having the fries and how long does it take to get back into it :confused: ?? I have had good losses on 790 and persumed i must be in ketosis. I have done that ketosis stick thing and it is a very pale pink colour. I dont mind if i am out of ketosis tho, i am sure i can get to my goal weight via the mantainance stages.

Sorry about the long post. I have alot to say because i have been away for a while.

Let me know how you are all doing and i hope you are enjoying your summer (well i know its not much of a summer with the rain :()

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Hi Maybe baby

I wouldnt worry about the fries. You are at a healthy weight now and while you are not quite at goal, you need to start being able to have little treats I would have thought without them turning into binges. Well done on resisting all the other temptations at your relatives.

No advice for ramadan Im afraid. As its part of your culture you obviously cant avoid eating - dont know how you can best deal with that to be honest.

good to have you back


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Hi maybe baby, well done on all the resisting!! I think having fries etc will be something you can teach yourself to eat in moderation, thats what Im planning on doing. I dont want to completely avoid certain foods forever, I want to be able to sort myself out to know that I will be having the odd fatty food but not loads like before. Moderation and exercise ... Ive done it before (before getting pregnant and piling on pounds) so I can do it again ... I hope .. lol
Thank you for your replies and advice :).

I think my weight is back to normal this morning, i haven't really checked though. I am just going to avoid the scales and drink as much water as i can. :D

Although i didnt have many fries last night, i really enjoyed them and when i thought about this it was because i didnt feel guilty after eating them (which is a first with juck food, lol). I really want to stcik with healthy eating now that i have lost most of my weight but i think i will be ok with allowing myself a treat for occasions like my birthday.

Last night i just got worried about slipping back into old habits, but i can be really determined with things sometimes. I still cant believe that i have lost nearly 40 lbs :eek: . I am so proud of myself :D, hehe.

I think with ramadam i will be ok with eating healthy because i have to make sure my dad eats healthy because its not been long since he had his bypass. So i can cook for him as well as myself.

Thank you again for your replies, its nice to know that i can turn to minimins and get the support i need. I hope you are doing well with your diets :) .



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Hey MB,

I wondered where you had been!! Good to have you back again.

Like you I want to eat healthily once I have finished the diet and really worry about slipping back into old habits - I think the key is moderation. I am going to aim to eat healthily for 80-100% of the time with the other 10-20% allowing myself naughty foods (flaming hot monster munch Mmmmmmm) as an indugence and in moderation as opposed to the norm as it used to be.

I am glad to hear thay you are beginning on 1000cal very soon - according to the CD literatue with your bmi below 25 you should be on 1000cal plan rather than 790cal. The idea of fruit sounds like heaven :D. I hope to be joining you moving up the plans by mid-end september if everything goes to plan.

Well enough rambling from me - Good to have you back and well done on resisting those chapatties and don't fret too much about the fries I am sure they won't have done too much damage.
Hi Ruthlet, thank you for your reply :hug99:

I wish i could spend more time on here but now that summer hols are here i have to fight for the computer with brothers and sisters :character00148:, lol. Boredom, what can you do about it :mad:. I'm really looking forward to starting the gym :character00116:, just going to wait untill i am having enough calories :)

I totally agree with you about eating in moderation and the 20% - 80% naughty/good plan sounds like a fab idea. After all you have to allow yourself a treat now and then. I would love to give up junk food all together. I think i will try for a few months :rolleyes:.

My CDC said that i could stay on the 790 plan untill i was near goal or i could work up. I wanted to stay on the 790 plan because i wasn't sure i would have good losses but i have been totally surprised with how well i have been losing :eek:. I really want to move up the steps soon because i want things over by september because i have to focus on ramadan then.

I am abit nervous about the 1000cal step. It took me ages to get used to the amount of food on 790. I am looking forward to the fruis and eggs :eat: , mmmm :drool:, lol.

I was just wondering:

is it best to spend 1 week on each of the maintainance steps or 2 :confused:
What is the difference :confused:
Is it just to maintain better :confused:

I am asking this because i have ramadam starting in september and i really want to be back to eating properly by then so i can eat right through the month. ( I will start a sepreate thread about this in a min).

I would appreciate any advice :)

xx :wavey:

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