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have you moved from cd to sw ?

i really need some help here i need to come of cd for a bit due to medical stuff ( not related to cd ) ive already put on 8 pound since coming off i feel i could do the green days on sw but that would be high carbs i need to no what losses you had after moving from cd to sw did you go up the plans first on cd ( i dont plan to :eek:) please please any info would be great
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I've moved across but only from today, but I will keep you informed!

I plan to do 6 red and 1 green to keep carbs low, but I haven't been on plan for the last few weeks so I don't expect to have any water gain and hopefully will lose.

Good luck with whatever you decide, all diets work its just that some take longer than others!

Theresa x
hiya :D

firstly, well done on your cd journey...you did brill:D:D

secondly, I've not come straight from cd to sw but did lose 4st last year on cd and have just started sw a few days ago (COZ I PUT THE WHOLE LOT BACK ON AGAIN IN APPROX 6 MONTHS)

SW is a total different ball game as you probably know, YOU CAN EAT for a start...YAY :party0011: Even when you're not hungry coz your in ketosis it's still a bummer that you can't eat...isnt it??

anyway, I doubt that this answers your question even in the slightest but I wanted to give you a shout and really just to say that SW is the healthier option out of cd and sw (in my opinion) and more sensible too.
Yeah, you lose weight very quick on cd but really, we need to change our ways and stick with those ways forever...

sorry to babble...good luck anyway hun.

jo xxx
me again...

just noticed your weight loss list...at the point where you binged, stopped smoking etc.. and gained 8lb, you're doing the right thing by starting a healthy plan pretty much straight away...that's where I went wrong...I binged almost every day since my dd's birthday last October hense the very fast weight gain.
I'm also an ex-smoker, I packed in 7 years ago which is when I started to gain weight as I swapped my ciggies for chocolate, and lots of it.
I have just been to the library with my little girl and while I was sitting there minding my own business, this book that was sitting on a shelf just jumped right out at me...not litterally but you know what I mean? It's called STOP BINGING. Couldnt believe it... I could reach it without even getting out of my seat...so I sat and read it for almost an hour while my dd entertained herself with the other kids. I swear the authour was talking about me and had me down to a T. I've brought the book home and can't wait to finish reading it...apparently it can help me to STOP MY BINGING. I do hope so coz I feel like I'm killing myself with my terrible actions. I've not binged since starting sw a few days ago. :D

Sorry to totally hog your thread hun, just sharing my story with you and giving you a huge pat on the back for getting back on track before it's gone too far. I have a few regrets in life and one of which is putting my weight back on. I hope you don't go there hun, it's not a nice place to be in:(

on a brighter note.... I'm sitting here eating a Pink Lady apple...and it's gorgeous :D:D:D:D

Have a great day

jo xxx
jojo wow lol so much info thanks for taken all your time out to respond ..yes your right it is time for sensible action i did sliiming world a few years back and do lose on average half a stone a month ( and cheated sometimes) i have started sw today though not going to meetings as i have all the books here ect im just worried about the change from low carb to high carb as i couldent do the red days but im gonna go for it and see what happens good luck for all of us we going to need it :D xxxxxx


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i came off CD on the last week in june due to severe (and i mean SEVERE) constipation issues.
for the first 4 weeks i ate pretty much whatever i wanted (which included my birthday with cake etc etc) and gained 10lbs in that time . i tried to look at it in a positive way. i was having a well deserved month break before completely changing my eating habits again .
Then 2 weeks ago i joined SW and lost 4 1/2 lbs in the first week and stuck to mainly green days, lots of potatoes and rice/pasta and i didnt hold back at all.
ive done SW before so i knew it works and i just did it the same way i have before, ate and ate free foods until i was nice n full.
it is my second weigh in tonight but im not very optimistic as im due my totm and im feeling very bloated and starting to get that 'pregnant look' around my tummy that i have always gotten right before totm.
will post my weigh in results when i get back.
so basically , no, i didnt work up the plans, far from it, i stopped and ate immediately, went to town with food BUT had my cut off point of 4 weeks and then jumped onboard the SW train to continue my journey.
After all, if we know where we want to be, it doesnt matter how many different trains we have to take and a change of scenery keeps it an interesting journey :D
............ what did you lose in yr second week ,or is this the second week approaching? dont worry about the bloating wen i was on sw i remeber being bloated its all the fruit and veg gosh im so happy you have lost lets hope it happens to me to please please let me no what you lose this week x
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Call me Nicky xx
I was on CD for three weeks, came off for personal reasons and moved to SW the next week. As you can see I have lost most weeks. I only do red days and go off plan once a week (normally after WI for a meal or a treat just so I can have whatever I fancy) I then get straight back on the wagon. This keeps me focussed and enables a treat aswell. I would say that you have to work more for your pounds but I would defo recommend the move. xx


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hi night,
this is my second weeks weigh in tonight (gulp) . i will let u know on this post.
i was on CD for 17 weeks and lost 49lbs.
like you, i was a little concerned whether my body could handle eating carbs again without constant gaining.
i think (as much as i love the cd diet and owe it my gratitude for the 49lbs loss) any diet that results in u being obsessed with being in ketosis leads to us thinking carbs are bad and must be avoided.
thats not the case at all, carbs must be avoided on cd/atkins etc but on sw it works absolutely fine when carbing , carbing , carbing.
obviously some people find that red days result in the best losses and some people find carbs overall give smaller losses BUT if u have done sw before and have lost weight on green days, i see no reason why u wont do it again.
are u already off cd?
if u are still doing cd up to this point and intend to switch directly to sw u may get a small gain in ur first week due to glycogen stores being replaced.
i replaced mine in style within that 4 week period but the 10lb gain was well worth it as long as i can now continue to lose :D
sorry i didint actually answer your quistion did i lol ...... as from 2 weeks ago ive been trying to move up the plans as i have got to have some stuff done in hospital but once i was out of ketosis all hell broke loose lol


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ty night.
i found that the first week after leaving cd was when i gained most weight ( 7lbs in 7 days), im a scales hopper ;) but from the end of week one to the end of week 4 of my ' diet break' i only gained 3 more pounds, and i was eating things like cheese on toast (yum). i wasnt going completely mad but i wasnt exactly being careful.
since u have already regained ur glycogen stores ( i take it u have been eating carbs regularly?) u shouldnt have any problem losing weight on sw in ur first week :D
have u started sw today?
chease n toast ( excuse me while i dribble) ........ and of course eating carbs reguler lol .... well this is it then sw it is if i lose by next week im gonna be so happy


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best of luck with it night :D.
i will be waiting to see ur first weeks 'loss'.
have u joined a team yet? well worth doing if u havent already. anything that keeps us motivated :)
not yet dont really no much people here dont want to shove my face in every where lol ....... but i will do tonight join a team gonna shoot off 4 a bit now ill be back laters xxxxxxxxxxxx

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