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Have you started in March too?


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I started on CD on the 4th of March. I thought I'd start a thread for anyone has also done so as I thought it might be motivating.

I had my first, return meeting with my CDC on the 4th. I must explain that I went through a break up the previous week and therefore had not really ate anything by the time I met her so when she weighed me, I discivered I'd lost 13lbs which I have included in my stats and I'm so chuffed with it.

My first weigh in next Thursday. I've finally mastered how not to scale hop?jump? basically I realised that I don't need to weigh myself everyday cos if I'm following the diet then of course I'll have lost weight!!

Anyway if you need any support or the little guidance I can provide then your welcome to it.
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Actually, I'm really glad it happened cos it's made me more determined to do this. I thought every problem in our relationship was due to me being fat, how stupid eh?! Once I'm slim again, I can't blame it on anything else other than the real reason.

I want to lose about 5st. We can do it!

Have you been on CD before? Any other diets? What am I saying, of course you have!!lol
I know that feeling! I did lipotrim a few years ago and it completely changed my life. At the time I live with my boyfriend but I changed so much I just wanted better. It sounds like I was being so nasty but when he wasn't working he slept all day and always ate really bad food. I just decided enough was enough and left! I'm still friends with him tho.
I tried the cambridge diet last year but was never very succesful. I'm determined now tho x x
I thought i replied to this but don't know where it went! i know exactly what you mean about the boyfriend thing. I did lipotrim a few years ago when i was living with someone but it completely changed me. i din't like that he couldn't be bothered to get out of bed on a day off and his idea of a perfect meal was a fry up so i left! i really enjoyed my independence x
I officially started on the 27th Feb - nearer March as far as I am concerned. I had my first weigh in today. Lost 7.5 pounds. Doesn't seem like much compared to some of the big losers on here though. My CDC told me off for being negative though - I had told him i initially want to lose 2 stone, and as he put it, i am a 1/4 of the way to my target in one week - well when you look at it like that! Am following sole source at the minute.
Oh and good luck with the break up. I would like to be single but mine refuses to leave! His comments are what made me start the diet in the first place. I'm gonna make him eat his words! x
you go girl! How much have you got to lose? sometimes different things affect the loss. If you don't have as much to lose you might not feel like you are losing it quickly but your counseller is right, its still a lot!x
I'm 5ft 2 and weighed 13 9. I am slim at 11 and thin at 10 stones. Always did a lot of sports so am quite a muscular build. My first target is 2 stones (on SS) then I will probably add a meal.
I'm now 13 2 by the way!
I'm starting CD tomorrow...got my meeting at 11am. Just had my last supper with a glass (well, nearly bottle - whoops!!) of wine!

My friend has lost 7 stone in as many months doing CD so that has given me all the motivation i need to start this (and finish it this time!).

I would like to lose 56lbs by 25th May which works out at 4.5lbs a week so should be ok...just have to stick to ss or ss+ religiously! It'll all be worth it in the end!!

Good luck everyone xxx


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Hey all,

Thanks for your support with the break up but as I should, it's pushing me forward!

CD first timer, Wow 7.5lbs is a great loss in yor first week! Well done you! We are all here with you on this amazing journey that will lead us to a better life and only we know the struggles we have embarked upon even if they have been self inflicted! Your partner WILL eat his words cos you are going to do it!

Keep strong!
Good luck Nic! Enjoy your wine - it will be your last for a while. I have found the first week ok. Not been hungry at all. Its playing havock with my monthlys though. Apparently when you start losing the fat it releases lots of hormones that can bring things on early - and it has! Never mind, it will be worth it. Keep in touch x
Thanks for your words of support Sonya. Perhaps we should set up a March Team? x
Have you guys set up that weight chart that Steve put together. Its a sticky on the first page - its brilliant!!
Can i be in it? lol i started on 3rd March. First weekend to hurdle now! i've bought lots of lovely bath spa things and a couple of films, and i have some awfully dull science stuff to do for uni so i will be fine i'm sure!


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im starting on tuesday so can i join you?

i also had my ''last supper'' tonight though as im gonna cut the carbs now to prepare...i wont tell you what i had but it was lovely;)


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Hi everyone, i started on Monday so on day 6 now. I've stuck to ss religiously but had to have a wisdom tooth removed on Thursday (was an emergency, not planned) so i have been taking loads of painkillers. I really hope this wont affect my wi on Monday.


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Ok I am not very good on this site and I can do the basics but I'll start a new thread called (as suggested by CD first timer) the March Team.

See you all there!!!

P.s good luck to all of those who started yesterday or will be starting today!!
Hi Sonya,

Giz a shout when you have set up the new thread - see you all there!!


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