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Havent been to a meeting for a few weeks and have put on loads


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My meetings are on a tuesday and I havent been for about 4 weeks, it all started by getting snowed in for one week and then the 2nd week the weather wasnt much better and I just totally lost the plot and ive eaten nothing but rubbish for 4 weeks, ive put n about 8 lbs:eek::(:eek:

Now im to scared to go back to the meeting as ive put on so much in a short space of time.

Its on tomorrow night but i think im going to try and diet myslef at home and lose a few pounds before I go back next week but its so hard with all the tempting treats around just now.

Please give me a huge kick up the bum and tell me I can do this as I have been dieting on and off since this time last year and just havent got anywhere:cry:

Sorry for such a moany post, just wanted to get it off my chest!
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go to the meeting,,if your like me then you need the structure of a meeting,,i went on hols for 2 weeks and put on 11lbs,,still trying to lose it 8 weeks later!!!
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Ive got a similar problem, I have been going to meetings since I joined, in November but since my last weigh in last Tuesday I have gone over my weekly points by 150 :eek:.
My meeting isnt on tonight but my leader wants me to go to the one on Thursday because I have done so well on the diet that she want me to be there for any new ones that come. Its not going to look good when I show up and have put about 5lb on. But if I dont go then it will be just as bad next week and the week after.
So go, everyone will be in the same boat, some will have put a little on some more. No one will have lost. If you dont go you will probably not go next week and so on. Before you know it you will have put more on. Take it from one who has been there lol.
Sorry to waffle on(I always do). Good luck with your weight loss in the New Year. xx
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Well if you've missed a few weeks you'll have to pay to rejoin so jusy see it as a fresh start ?

I am rejoining after christmas and am looking forward to it , mind you I havent dieted for most of the last year !!


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I'd say just go, deal with it, as it takes a lot of courage to go and admit that you've been off the bandwagon. Hopefully, you'll feel a 'weight' off your shoulders (sorry for the bad pun!)
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Make sure you go to your class, my leader told us before xmas that even if we put on weight you will get it back off, and besides if you hadn't joined WW in the first place you wouldn't of lost weight to put on and you would of been bigger. ( Hope this makes sense ). All the best for the new year. xxx
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Thats a rate of 2 pounds per week right? Well you can lose that in the same amount of time safely.

Pick yourself up and go! It could have been MUCH worse. I havent been for a few months and have put on a stone. I have just picked myself up and realised why - I ate all the naughty things! I need to get back on the plan and lose it again, I did it once I can do it again!
You are the same hun! You can do it!


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