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  1. mummy3

    mummy3 Member

    Ive been on LL for almost 4 weeks and up to now Ive been fine..totally in control and feeling in " the zone"
    Today I feel like cr*p. I cant stop crying and feel so low. I feel totally deprived and sorry for myself. I dont understand why this has happened.Im only 4 weeks in and the thought of not eating anything decent for another 10 weeks is too much :( :(

    I know this must sound so pathetic. Ive been so upbeat on this diet but I feel completely empty and flat. Has anyone else had any wobbles ?
    Does this often happen on VLCD's ? or is it me ?

    Any advice gratefully received xx
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  3. olijames

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    Hi Jayne...Im currently on restarting LL and feel pretty much same but ive been trying this since feb so deprivation setting in. I do think that buying something nice in a lower size and hanging it on wardrobe helps, having a big gulp of fizzy water! Distraction is the key...sleep? Read? Go for a drive/walk...ring a friend. Something...anything...but i totally understand as do so many on minis that once a craving starts its a bugger...maybe get out the named craved for food and squirt with fairy liquid...that should out you off...a waste i know...chuck it or get someone else to eat it...Im good at feedin up my hub/son when Im SSing...

    whatever you do keep your eyes on the prize but also dont be too hard on yourself....x:eek:
  4. Ajax

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    You are completely normal. I think everyone goes thru this. I really struggled in my 2nd week, and still have days like it now. Just look at each day as it comes, dont think about the next 10 weeks. Every day that passes is a bonus. You are doing well, keep posting, drink your water, search online for games/jokes etc to take your mind off food.

    Keep posting here. It will be worth it, you know it will.. xxx
  5. canireallydothis!!

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    You are totally normal, I feel like this at weekends, they nearly kill me.

    Then on a Monday I am raring to go again, the main thing here is not to give in when you feel like this, thats the key, if you can overcome this then you will fly.

    I have the wobbles every so often, and even so bloomin close to goal I do too! I think its all part and parcel of getting to where we want to be.

    Keep it up, you have done so well x
  6. Isis

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    Hi Jayne,

    I'm so glad you felt you could come on here and post about how you are feeling today. That way we can all support you to get through it.:) I hope you feel a bit brighter than you did earlier and that the replies from all of us have helped.

    You are just totally normal and if you look around Minimins tonight, you will see how many of us struggle with weekends/cravings/moods,(me included).

    You're not alone at all honey,

  7. mummy3

    mummy3 Member

    Ahh Thanks everyone !!:eek:
    I did have an awful day on Sunday and in the end I just took myself off to bed and wrote the day off. Woke up feeling back to normal after a good nights sleep.
    I feel good about what happened now because it was such a crap day and I managed to get through it without any comfort eating or alcohol ! Usually I wouldve pigged all day and I think I was in a bit of a panic because I didnt have a "crutch" to use.
    Anyway..onwards and upwards..I lost 4 and a half pounds when I went to my meeting last night so Im so glad I didnt give in to my chatterbox and cheat !!

    Thanks again for your support..it means a lot xx
  8. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Well done on getting through it, and whoo hoo on your weight loss!! :cool:
  9. punkass

    punkass Silver Member

    Hi again Jayne

    Discussed this with someone this afternoon who was feeling down.. I do every now and then too.. I think its just restlessness... I love a night in at the weekend with a dvd, glass/bottle of wine and a takeaway.. and now I can never make up my mind which dvd to watch.. so read a book in bed and have early nights! If its a weekend when I don't go out for some sparkling mineral waters in town(!), then it means by the end Sunday i feel pretty low.. but i don't think it actually occurs to me why at the time... it seems things are more fun when u can pig out... but hey it will be worth it in the end.

    Remember back to when u were only a week into it... I couldn't possibly see how I could last another week without eating let alone 14... but then it flies by and ur 4 weeks into it already..how impossible did it seem on day one that 4 weeks would ever pass?!
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