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Having a battle !


I am due for my second weigh in tonight and have been 100% completely. I dont know where to turn because finding it just so hard to carry on. Its not from a hungry point of view but from the "fancying something" feeling.

I so want to lose this weight but have a constant devil on my shoulder saying just have the shakes through the day and a healthy meal in the evening and surely you will still lose weight.:mad:

I feel that each day is just testing me to the limit. I new when i started this diet it would be extremely difficult but dont think i was quite ready for the battle going on inside my head. So many people, friends and family are supporting me and i dont want to let them down!

Why do i still feel so rubbish when i am not even hungry? I lost 12lb last week and felt amazing and am hoping for 4/5 this week which is fab.

I am sat here after cooking my childrens tea and feeling completely lost. I even licked the spoon and then felt dreadful for doing so after being completely abstinent.

My kids keep saying mum you are doing so well and we are really proud of you so keep going ......Help:cry:
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Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Aww Mandie... you poor thing... :(

It sounds to me like maybe you would benefit from being on Lite rather than Total? It'd mean you could do exactly as you said, packs during the day and then the balanced meal at night...

It is definitely worth talking to your LLC about this, as your losses will still be good, and if there's a possibility that you won't be able to stick fully to Total, then doing Lite seems like a very sensible alternative.

I know Lite is recommended for people with 3 stone or less to lose, and I don't know your stats, but either way... I think it might be the way to try and go hunny...

I like the fact that there is no flexibility with Total, but it's not for everyone, that's for sure...

Try and stay positive, your losses so far are amazing!! The 'fancying something' is tough, I'll admit... I still get it 23 weeks in! But it's less than it was at the start for sure, and it's also taught me to resist stuff which I just 'fancy' which is a valuable lesson for me to maintain my weight after LL...

It must be especially tough because you are handling food every eve for your kids, I don't know how you do it... I'd find it very hard! So admire you for that a lot...

Anyway, hang in there... Your kids are right, you're doing so well! :)

Aww thanks pinkie.

I just got back from weigh in and have lost 4lb. Pretty happy with that cause 1stone 2lb in two weeks :)

Felt a bit of an idiot really cause my LLC asked me how i was and said i felt like crap today and didnt know why. She put her arm round me and i burst into tears ! She told me that if i can lose another stone se will put me over to the lite if im finding it the same by then. Feel alot better for seeing her because she really is fab and easy to talk to. She gave me a pack of the savoury broth and said i can have upto 2 per day on top of the packs if i need to.

Im hoping its just the way im feeling today and that tomorrow i will feel better. You have done amazingly pinkie and if can have half your determination i will be a happy lady.

Just need to knock the devil off my left shoulder and listen to the angel on my right lol.

Anyway thanks for the reply and fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Bye the way i have around 3.5 to 4 stone to lose. Would be happy with three but ecstatic at 4 lol xx
Hi Mandie. Sounds like you are definitely facing a few battles and trust me 11 weeks in i definitely still have some "why am i doing this" moments. All i can say is just go back to the green book, and why it was you started this in the first place. what took you through that door to LL to want to loose the weight. focus on that, and when it gets tough have a coffee with some sweetner maybe, a bath, brush your teeth, something to distract you until it passes. then hopefully you'll get to a point where your used to it and the "have a little something" thoughts will go. Either that, or as Pinkie has suggested, if you think you'll stick to lite better go for it, as that way you now its achievable and realistic for you and your lifestyle. Good Luck xx
Hey Mandie,

I could have written your first post, I've also found this week really tough with crazy cravings but managed to stick with it too. Think it must be a 2nd week thing as the other guy who started same day as us also said he struggled. Hoping this week will be easier!!! Best of luck ;)
Hows your week going Mandie? Hope this week is better for you! xx
Hi cornish

yeah i am definitely having a better week as far as my mindset. Just struggling with coldness and felt very tired over the weekend.

Just been for my week 3 weigh in and lost 5lb:D:D:D thats 21lb in total so im over the moon.

How are you geting on hun hope you are ok

Mand xx x
Yay! So pleased for you 21lbs is an amazing result!

I actually put on 1/2 a lb but considering the week I'm chuffed as I was expecting about 3lbs+. Really valuing the classes as well at the min as it's keeping me focused as the "end" is so in sight. Then on to lll for the last 2 stone I think.

Have a great week xxx

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