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Having a break for Holidays?

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Hi Guys,

As some of you know I've had a rubbish weekend - I'm back on SS+ now but I'm going on holidays for 2 weeks next wednesday...I was planning on having 2 shakes and a meal while I was away but I think I'm going to have a break form the diets all together.

I think that one of my reasons for being rubbish on the weekend was my head was thinking "I'm going away in a week anyway so I'm not going to be in ketosis, and I wont lose much weight before I go etc etc etc..."

I feel like I've been on this (and LT) forever and haven't had more than a weekend off the diet since xmas..

My losses have also slowed right down - So think the 2 weeks off will get me focused again and hopefully kick start my losses again when I go back on SS+

What are your thoughts on this? Would you come off the diet for a 2 week holiday in the sun??
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As you are asking, I personally wouldn't but thats just because I know I wouldn't get back on the wagon for 12 months or something....

I would just say, if this is making you miserable and you want to have a break, you have to do what feels right as this is nt a prison sentence...

Is their anyway you could very low carb whilst away?? At least then, if you can stay away from the holiday booze, you shouldn';t get that huge water / glycogen gain which causes us so much upset if it happens. I twould also mean that it wouldn't be sooo painful getting back onto ss+

Just be mindful that you have lost 2.5 stone and the effort it has taken you to lose it.... you don't want to put that in jeopardy for a 2 week break.... after all 2 weeks fun could if you are not careful equal another 2 months hard work when you get back!!

However, I would LOVE to go somewhere hot and sunny so whatever you do, have a great time!!



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That's exactly what I'm going to do - I've only got a few pounds to go now. We're going to the same hotel we went to last year, and it has a huge buffet so there's no excuses for me! (I was pretty careful last year actually - tended to stick to cold meat and salads, as I don't really like eating hot food in hot weather.) I might have a couple of puddings if they have any particularly nice ones, but boozing is totally off the menu, which doesn't actually bother me. I think I'll be OK. :)

I'll probably go back to 810 when I get back - I don't want to go back on SS as my hair has started to thin - so it will probably be slow and sure for me from now on! :eek:


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Its your diet, we're not going to tell you how to do it, and nor should we iykwim?

I would say though that having justified the few days off post binge last week, I have really struggled getting back on track. I never realised just how much I valued ketosis until it was gone.

But you only go on holiday once (well per year normally), and if you feel you need a break then you need a break.

How about - you take some packs with you, see how you feel when you are there? You might get over there and decide the foods rotten, you wished you'd stayed on CD, and that way you have the option?

Give yourself choices and have a wonderful holiday whatever you decide!


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I am approaching the same situation in July - personally (and this is only my take on things), I consider that I work darn hard during the year and I am determined to enjoy my holiday - a major part of which is being able to eat the fantastic buffet (we are full board :D)
I am therefore planning to eat and be merry (I don't drink) and take it on the chin(s) when I get back. I guess I may have lost around 2 - 2 1/2 stone by then and there's no way I will pile that back on in 2 weeks. If I feel like sticking to low carb, I will do. If not, I will enjoy what's on offer and have no regrets at the end.
Hope you enjoy your time away


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Holiday break

Just come back from5 * all inclusive from Egypt last night - 7 nights and didnt have the holiday trots like most people. Was a little cautious - and alcohol in moderation and a little swimming - up 1 pound so well happy and next weight in tomorrow 12th .


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I personally am going to do exactly the same as you. I am going away for a weeks All Inclusive in 4 weeks and I intend to have a great time. Last time I went AI I was a size 10, I went to Mexico to a 5* 24 hour AI hotel and put 3lb on in a week. Why? Because I went to the hotel gym every day, ate prawns for 2 weeks, had no alcohol and never once did I have a pudding - never again :). Life is for living - and in my opinion if you go on your holiday with it in the back of your mind that you HAVE to get back on the wagon when you come back, that's great. I will start CD as soon as my plane lands back in England and I know this now. I have made my appointment to see my CDC straight away. Anyway, I'm rambling :). No one can make your decision for you, but its your holiday which you have worked hard to deserve, I would enjoy it x
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I'm going back to NZ in August for 3 weeks where I can't take packs with me :(

Are you any of you moving up the plans before you leave in order for it not to be such a shock to your metobolism to stop you gaining more weight than neccessary?

I read somewhere on here that you could move up the plans over 15 days, doing 3 days of each calorie level, so was thinking of doing that, that way I'm the smallest I can be before I leave, but do you think that I should spend longer and say start moving up now, in order for my metobolism to be okay?

It's just that I want to be able to look nice at my mum's wedding


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personally, i would stick with it. We went away for a week in week 2 of the diet and i was 100% SS all the way through...and it was sooo worth it hun! but if your heads not in it, then stick with low carb and dont touch the booze!
Whatever you choose, food doesnt make a holiday so i have no doubt you will have a good time! :)


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I think it's up to you personally and you have to do what you feel is right for you. I've just been back from a half board holiday in Italy and I decided to not do SS or CD at all even. Though with stuff that happened before hand I ended up having to go off diet anyway as I ended up staying at a friends for longer than planned and didn't have any CD stuff with me, well, not enough. So I didn't go back on after that as it would have meant getting into ketosis and then straight on holiday again. I decided that for me I really wanted to enjoy Italy to the full and that did include the food, though I didn't go mad. I've just been to my CDC for my WI and after 2 and a half weeks of not being on the diet I've still managed to lose 1lb. So it doesn't have to do that much damage if you get straight back on when you get home!


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Just had WI

:worthy:Just had my official WI and thought I had put on 1lb on all inclusive hol to Egypt and I am over the moon - my weight has stayed exactly the same :D.

Back on SS today and Iam determined to lose the rest.:)
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Personally I wouldn't come off CD, but that is because I am trying to train my view of food differently to what it once was.... I dont intend to lose all this weight, get to goal, and then decide life is worth living, lets go back to the way I used to eat.... I feel my view on food has changed and although I always said once I was at goal I would go and buy myself a chinese chicken curry, my view on that has now changed and I intend to eat healthy... so what I am trying to say is, if you have lost all this weight and intend to just blow it for 2 weeks, what will happen once you reach goal, but if you intend to go away for the 2 weeks and eat sensibly, low carb etc, then that is a great learning curve for the future after this diet. This is just my opinion though.


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I personally am not going to have a break when I go on hols to Poland in August.I will move up to 810 though as I don't want to be on SS abroad.I have made an appointment with a CDC in Poland and will be seeing her the day after we get there(so I don't have to take too much with me).Losing weight is too important to me to blow it for a holiday as I know if I have a break I will really struggle to get back on it.When I had a break from LL it took me over 2 years to get my head back in the right place to do CD.


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The thing is you don't have to go mad by going on holiday, but I think it's up to the individual. I managed to go to Italy half board for a week though be off plan for 2 weeks and I still lost 1lb and 1.5 inches. BUT, I walked around a lot, I did try and choose healthier options where possible, though I'm not going to lie, I still had ice cream and stuff. But I knew that I had the determination to be able to do that and then come home and get straight back on. So I think it depends, can you do that? I know how easy it would be for me to turn around and go well I ate all that and still lost... I can do that all the time. I think it takes a lot of determination to get back on after a break. I think the thing that helped me was my break wasn't at home, I've been on plan the whole time I've been at home since I started, so it's starting to feel like my routine. I was also just so determined that I don't want to be fat anymore!! Good luck in whatever you choose!


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I feel just like you - I also feel confident that I can handle my food intake on holiday, I'm eating healthily already so there's no reason why this should change. Like you, I'll probably have the odd ice cream (as a treat! :)) but I certainly won't be gorging on naughties from morning till night. Hopefully I'll lose some weight too! :D


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me and my hubby have decided to have the time off our diet while we are in ireland for a week, alot of the problem it space as we are going on a motorbike and will have barely enough room for the clothes let alone 2 ppls cd meals lol

we are going to stick to low carbs and high protein foods and im not going down the dessert road, but i am going to have a few glasses of wine ;-)

we are getting straight back into it when we arrive back thou to carry on x


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Hi - You do whatever feels right for you. Holidays don't come round that often and if eating will make your holiday more enjoyable then don't sweat it!
I'm going on holiday in a few weeks time and I plan to have a shake for breakfast (we're self catering so brekkie won't be that exciting anyway) and a tetra or bar for lunch as we will be at the beach most days and the food isn't great there. I'll then eat a proper meal at night but will try and eat the local fish and seafood with a salad as much as I can to keep the carbs reasonably low. I'm hoping I'll be happy with this, but if I end deciding to come off the diet fully so be it. I just want it to be a decision that I've made and not my diet demon iykwim!!

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