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Having a day off for special occasions

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Now I know most of you are very good and stick to the diet 100% until you reach goal. Well, it is my birthday on Tuesday and I am going to have the day off. I will have been on CD for 7 weeks by then and have always intended to have the day off on my birthday and to get straight back on the band wagon on Wednesday.

My question is for those of you who have had the odd naughty day, did you put on any weight during that week and how difficult did you find getting back onto the diet?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Im just me!
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you have done very well,some of them say not you sould have the day off,but i have had a day off before and put on 1-2lgb then the next day got straight back to ss then drunk loads water and lost it again ,so really depends on it,i no we all wanna be slim and be strick but i did have a little treat/
good luck
I've done this twice in the 8 weeks that I've been on CD. The first time for my birthday, the second for a friends birthday.

I really struggled before the first time, whether to do it or not and in the end I decided that I would go out and have a nice meal and I wouldn't beat myself up about it, and that I would deal with the consequences as they arose.

I didn't put on weight from it, but my losses were not as great as they could have been. And the following couple of days I was incredibly hungry. I think that was the hardest bit, getting back onto CD without giving into temptation, but I had to put up with it, that was all part of the compromise. I wasn't going to let a night off be anything more than just one night off!

But interestingly enough, I have found that my attitute to the food I ate was different. Like, one of the 'night's off' I went to Wagamamas and had my favourite, the Chicken Katsu Curry. And I ate the chicken and some of the rice with the sauce, but when I got to the big pile of rice that was still left on my plate without sauce I didn't want to eat it. I knew that I didn't particularly like rice without anything on it, and that it's just empty carbs. But before I wouldn't have even thought about it, I would have eaten it because it was on my plate.

But anyway, I'm not suggesting that having a night off, or a day off is a good idea. You might put on weight, you will find it hard to get back on the diet again afterwards and you will probably feel really guilty afterwards. But if you do it, as I did, make sure that you set your boundaries and only take the day, or the evening or whatever you decide, be prepared to deal with the difficult days to follow, and make sure you enjoy your birthday :)

Dee x
I'm so glad I read this thread. I've really struggled since starting and there are 2 weeks in May where I was planning a total of 5 days off CD? I am prepared to gain a few lbs in both these weeks but I did wonder how hard it will be to jump on and off the diet, especially as I'll be so near my target by then (according to my calculations lol!). I think planning is essential...then there's no guilt and no binging because you take the deprivation out of the equation?

I have been on CD SS since only Wed (so this is Day 4) and both day 1 and 2 I cheated a little but yesterday I finally got my act together and stuck to it. I do feel really hungry today - but I also feel more positive because the scales are telling me I've already lost 5lb!


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Well, it is my birthday on Tuesday and I am going to have the day off. I will have been on CD for 7 weeks by then and have always intended to have the day off on my birthday and to get straight back on the band wagon on Wednesday.
SNAP! It's my birthday on Tuesday too and I've been SSing for 3 weeks. I'll have a slight drop off the wagon for obligatory cake but it'll be next Sat when the real celebrations begin : Eat, drink & be merry.:party0051:
I know it'll slow my progress down but I can't just stick to CD and be happy on my birthday. I'll be SS on Wed to Fri and straight back to it on Sun.
Not going to feel guilty as would feel worse if I didn't eat.

We can do this, it's our birthday! Hope you have a fab time.


Im just me!
S: 13st13lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.9%)
Girls you have the day off and have a good time and get back to it after!!
You will seem a bit hungry after but stick with it :D


Has been AWOL
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my birthday is in april but I don't think I'll be able to snap on and off this that easily.. so I've told everyone I'm having my cake after I've got to goal (hopefully in the summer), along with my easter egg which is waiting for me on top of the kitchen cupboard :)
Hi, last weekend I went to France to see my sister for 4 days, on the Thursday was mostly travelling so stuck to bar/tetras and was fine but fri/sat/sun I really went for it had creamy coffees / pastries / lovely meals and just thought enjoy myself its not often we get to go away, and isnt holidays/birthdays about enjoying yorself with food/drink - good company , I think so, so anyway got home Monday and just started immediately, got weighed on the Thursday and lost 1 pound?? I was very happy and I certainly think that getting back to it immediately DONT PUT IT OFF helped me hugely, its now 2 days since I got weighed and i've lost a further 2 pounds so I dont think that weekend harmed me at all - apart from I would have obviously lost more weight than 1 pound - BUT... I enjoyed myself and just got back on track.

I do think as long as long as we do not do t on a weekly/fortnightly basis then we wont harm ourselves.

I hope this helps you a little bit
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I don't want to preach to you cos obviously you've made your mind up already.
I just wanted to say that i know its your birthday but why come off of the CD for it?
Theres always next year for cake & food.

I need to be on this diet til around mid september - beginning of October.
Between now & then i have my sons 2nd birthday, my husbands birthday, our 7th wedding anniversary & a wedding :eek:

Yeah i'd like to eat a bit of cake but i don't see the point in stopping for one day to eat, maybe thats just me. I can eat cake when i'm finished.
If you stop for one day it might be hard to get back on to CD & it might lead to picking at food.
You could celebrate your birthday without eating, have a spa day out, having a little shopping spree, things like that.

Just my opinion.

Hope you have a nice birthday.
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I have had regular weekends off since I started this plan, the need for weight loss unfortunately coinciding with being a bridesmaid who has had to organise 4 (count em) weekends of partying!I have found that SS+ has been my saviour, it has meant that even though I have eaten off plan, its been fairly easy for me to get straight back to my packs the day after. I'm pretty sure my weight loss would have been much higher if I hadn't been off plan, but I'm pretty happy with the losses I have had. ONce this wedding is over (22 March is the day), I am focusing 100% as I want to be at goal by the time I go away in August.Enjoy your birthday(s), and as long as you get back on the plan immediately, you should be fine. I know that there are people who would say there are plenty more birthdays/celebrations once you get to goal, but I can't wait that long!!!!! :D :DTheresa x
What does everyone think of this plan?

I'm only on day 3 just now and on the 29th March I have a weekend away planned. (just one night)

This is only the 2nd time in 4 years we have managed to get away without the kids and I have been looking forward to it for ages. I actually forgot all about it when I decided to start on CD!

The plan is drinks, meal, concert and then more drinks.. We're going out with another couple.

I've more or less made up my mind to have a few drinks and my meal but am a bit worried about getting myself out of ketosis for it... Should I do it the day before or just on the morning I am going away?

I was thinking about maybe having some chicken and potatoes the night before and then some toast on the morning of going away.. Would that be ok??
Hi! I know everyone says you should stick to it 100% but i say if it's just a "one off" enjoy yourself. You only live once! Aslong as you get straight back on it the next day, which is the killer! xx
Next weekend I am being taken away by my OH- first time away together, so obv coming off SS to enjoy it properly...

which wouldn't be so bad, if 11 days later I wasn't going to america (land of the fatties!) for 2 weeks!!!! Big family holiday/reunion thing so no chance of SSing, plus kinda a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me so wanna make the most of it.

... am i totally screwed?!?!?

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