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Having a down day :(


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Hi Jemjem,

Stick with it, you will lose the weight, stay of the scales if your struggling and not getting good feedback, drink some water, have a shake or a tetra, do something special for yourself, remember food is for survival not for feelings so stick with your conviction and stay focused on the prize


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Hi Jem,
I was doing that every week the night before WI had enough last week when i thought i'd put 2lbs on and acutally lost 5lb so I sent them to my mums....
Step away from the scales.. walk to the tap.. grab a glass.. fill it up.. drink.. you can keep going ! you cant have lost nothing unless you have cheated if you havent cheated its probably,
1.) different clothes
2.) wonky scales
3.) womens things TOTM and all that

Dont worry just remember tho you may be fed up .. keep ya head up !

Gen x
Thanks everyone foryour kind words ive grabbed the water, wish i could throw the scales out but if i did then i would worry all week and convinve myself ihad put a stone on lol


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Keep with it and don't give up, the scales will start budging again, honest! it's worth all the effort when you see a good result. x


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throw out the scales!

if you worry all week its ok as nervous energy burns more calories! ;) :D

i had the same a few days ago, i know its tough, make a hot coffee and take a nap, hope you feel better soon.
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I think every one gets down from time to time - The great thing about LT is if you do follow it 100% you will 100% loss weight every week. So just forget about how much you are loosing - you will deffo loose 1 stone a month! So dont get down about that!

Also, I am a firm believer that when you feel down its usually cos you aint doing very much with your body.... when you move you always feel good! Have you ever heard of the saying... EMOTION COMES FROM MOTION. I heard that saying and I was like WOW thats sooo true! So next time you feel down have a look at what your doing - if you sitting on a sofa - just get up - put on the wii fit - put on your favourite songs and dance - go for a walk - have a bath and pamper yourself... guaranteed you feel completley different in a matter of minutes xox


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I got down or fat days all the time the first 3 wks or so. But id come on here and someone always cheered me up. Also, I used to weigh regular at home....dont do it no more cos it can seriously put your efforts to jeopardy. I nearly fell off 1wk when my scales hadnt moved and I went the nxt day to WI in a foul mood and found id lost 9lbs! So moral of essay is throw em out and feel good that your doing something to make yourself feel bloomin fantastic in the long run x


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Julze - a fellow tony robbins fan?
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We all have down days. I usually come on here and get inspired and encouraged by other peoples losses.

Just remember why you are doing this. Put a photo up of you looking your worst to remind you. Or a photo of an outfit you really want to wear. Either should help you carry on.

Before you know it you'll be down in the next size.

My scales often show no loss so I hardly use them. I stick with what the pharmacists scales say.

Good luck hun.

thanks again everyone

im seriously wondering why i started this. it feels like torture. all i want is a mcdonalds followed a a chicken korma somehot buttered toast and apple pie and custard, and right now.imsitting here with a shake and its all i can think about.

this will not beat me, i will not give up , i will carry on and i will lose the 4 stone i need to lose!!!!


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JemJem, I have done the same thing this time as i did the nfirst time round with the diet - I have put my weighing scales in the boot of my car!!!!! This will help me avoid the temptation of jumping on and off after each shake and the minute i get up in the morning! LOL!!!
Today is day 11 and I have to admit Im feeling down .

On my scales, since my last weigh in, i have lost nothing.

Still doing everything to the book, but Im craving very badly for food .

I dont want to give in but this is so hard sometimes isnt it?
sorry to hear you are feeling down hun, try to be positive. You will have lost in measurements if not on the scales. Put the scales away, drink more water and it will be a good week. :) x
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Yeah, I reckon I should put my scales in the carboot, least if I want to weigh I'll get some exercise trekking out there! I've not been through the front door today so reckon I'll head off out for a walk now. See - coming on here is good for you!

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