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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by jlm, 23 November 2009 Social URL.

  1. jlm

    jlm Full Member

    Just wanted to share as am feeling a bit blue!
    I dont know whats wrong with me the last few days (well since my weigh-in fri). I am just feeling huge, really bloated and fat especially in the tummy area, clothes feeling a little tighter and this seems to be making me much more hungry and just generally a misery! Weighed myself today and it appears it is not all in the mind I have put about 2lbs on scales too. There is no obvious reason why, no slip off the diet, no PMT or TOTM and everything else in life is good. Am sure is just one of those weird weeks, am trying to get my head around not losing this week as it feels a real possibility at the moment! But more importantly want to feel better about myself and not feel chubby and bloated like I have been the last few days when have been loving my body recently!
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    the weeks i feel like this are normally my best WI's
    are you drinking enough water that makes me feel bloated as the water helps flush out everything if you know what I mean. I hope your week gets better itd crappy when your feeling down xx

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