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having a horrible day


soon to be skinny minnie
:( I don't want to depress you all but i have had a really sh*ty day today and if i get it off my chest maybe i will have a better night :rolleyes:.

I haven't been 100% on plan but my appointment was with the NHS weight managment clinic today. When my gp referred me she said it was great and you go and see the dietician and get weight and explain all your food habits and they give you advice etc, basically she said it was fab and they decide if you need surgery or want to have other weight loss methods. I thought even though i am doing sw and want this to be my diet plan that i would also get some support and help through this.

However i sat and waited half an hour to be seen, then the dietician called me in to fill out a questionaire, she hardly spoke, then she counted up the points on the answers i had given then she told me that ' yes i was over weight, and yes i would need support to lose it'. Well that was the reason i was refered in the first place, the gp only puts you forward if you have a bmi over 30. Anyways, she said that she is concerned about my binge eating and is refering me to a psychologist before she can refer me to the weight loss programme. I already know why i binge, i do it out of habbit when i'm bored in front of the telly.She was making it out to be a major issue, i just love eating and i don't throw up or use laxitives like she was asking me. I am just greedy and don't know when to stop. So it will take a few months to be seen, then if i lose weight before that and go out of the obese category i won't be allowed to go to the clinic. Grrr i have waited 13 months for this appointment and that is what i got. I came in and ate a whole packet, yes a whole packet of choc digestives :jelous:

Now my oh still isn't home from work, we are meant to be going over to his mums tonight as we still haven't seen her since mothers day (she has been too busy) so we need to give her her gifts. There was a retirement do on and he was going for one hour, he finished at 4. Normally i would n't be bothered as he doesn't go out much. However, we normally go our weekly shop tonight and as there is nothing in the house, and i mean nothing me and ds haven't had dinner!!! I don't have enough money in purse to phone anything, i thought he would have been in. Thank god there was baby food for dd. Made my ds a sandwich with the last of the cold meat. And i'm assuming that as he is this late that he won't be able to drive when gets in. He better have money so i can phone something.

Grrrr just having a bad day , ha rant is over now thanks for listening xxx
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Hi hun

Can you go back to your GP and explain that the appointment was nothing like she said it would be and it has knocked you back and has really upset you? Tell her that when you got home you binged on food to make yourself feel better and you can feel yourself on a downward spiral. Basically tell her what you told us but lay it on really thick. Hopefully she will be able to do something for you.

Sending you a big hug


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Hi hunni,

Sorry to hear you had a bad day of it. I have had problems with an nhs dietician myself so hugs for you.

When people hear the word eating disorder they automatically assume anorexia and bulimia. There is another eating disorder though - binge eating disorder. Its not about vomiting and laxatives hun. The reason she may have asked you about those is because binge eating can also be a symptom of bulimia where people then purge.

If you google Binge eating disorder - maybe look on wikipedia you will see that symptoms are things such as binging when bored, depressed, etc and are usually over weight or obese.

I am sure the dietician didn't purposefully mean to be so blunt as I am sure that they are trained in order to act in a sensitive manner regarding problems with food whether it be a disorder or the simple fact someone likes food in general.

I hope some of this made sense to you and if you ever need a chat feel free to pm me hun. Sorry if I have upset you.

Ikkle x


Trying again!!!
:hug99::hug99::hug99:sorry that you have had a really horrible day ~ I don't have any advice to give but just sending you some hugs. Hopefully you will feel bit better tomorrow with having got it off your chest, ranting does help! xx ps I do agree with RM07 about going back to your GP, hopefully that will help you too xx

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