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Having a little trouble......

.... going to the loo.

Was fine first 2-3 days but Im a little bloated and am only passing very little, definately not enough.

My diet is..

Porridge for breakfast - loads of fruit
Snack - strawberries
lunch - tomatoes and light mozarella (only 30gm)
snack - pineapple & plum, rivita minis (1/2 pack)
Dinner - fish and veg
Pudding - muller light, melon

Ive had the same for the last 4 days so I cant understand?

oh and about 1.5ltr water a day, 2 teas

Any help please?

I am almost back to my original starting weight cos of the blockage!:cry:


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doesnt sound like your eating enough fat... maybe try some mixed seeds and nuts , only a few they are high fat but good fats and i eat them (around 4 nuts per day) and im loosing 4-5lbs per week.

let us know how your doing xx
Hi Julie,

I am sort of similar, Not having trouble as such, Just not going much (what a nice topic of conversation!!).

I also think I may be eating too little fat, Maybe that is the problem for both of us?

LiSe x
Yes, No more than 5% amounting to no more than 15% per meal. But you need SOME fat or the tablets won`t work.

I would maybe increase the veggies abit. You are eating your 5 fruit/veg, but more fruit than veg. Maybe drop one of your fruits and have more veggies at dinner?
And while seeds and nuts are good fats, and eating so little in theory *should* be ok, remember that we're all different and that Xenical makes no distinction between any good or bad fats you eat.
Hi Ali...

Thanks, yes definately more fruit than veg.. i will swap a couple over today.

The tablets are working, they are making me stick to my diet. Surely if I increase my fat intake and Xenical removes 1/3 then I am stuck with the additional 2/3?

LiSe, when you say the tablets need fat to work I dont get it... maybe I havent got it??!?!

Yes you're right, Xenical stops the absorption of up to 30% of the fat that we have in our diets. That's why we need to stick to a low fat diet, because our bodies will absorb the other 70%. If we go over the recommended amounts of fat, then we'll have a side effect.
Yes, I didn`t mean start eating loads of fat lol

But if you cut out too much fat they won`t work afaik x

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