Extra Easy Having a much better week foodwise :)


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I was a bit down at the beginning of the week and as you know i felt like i was stuck in a rut, well with a simple juggling around of the normal meals i now feel much happier and content with my food intake. For instance, today I had a yoghurt and fruit for breakfast and for dinner i had a nice chicken fillet with garlic and a couple of oven chips, then for tea i had home made syn free fish pie with another fillet of garlic chicken, and it was absolutely delicious! I had a nibble when i got in so i had 4 ryvitas with really low fat cottage cheese and a weight watchers low fat yoghurt. Scrummy :) :D
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That all sounds really tasty....just wondering though, doesn't look like you've had any superfree except at breakfast, if you're doing EE, you should be aiming for 1/3rd in each meal, of course you may not have noted it down ;-)


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Sounds good, glad youre feeling better :) However, as Debridger says you need to be eating 1/3 superfree with every meal on Extra Easy, youve only got it on breakfast according to those notes, but maybe you havent written it down? If youre not eating your superfree youre not really following the plan.

If you dont like superfree why not try Green or Red? Red would very much suit what you've been eating on this day as your fish and chicken would be free and you could probably fit your chips in as a HEX as long as you left the skin on (Im assuming they were SW chips? Otherwise you should be synning them on all plans anyway). And you get 2 HEXAs and 2HEXBs on Green or Red instead of just 1 on EE.