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Having a proper 'down' day

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Whats happened to me today?

I have had such a down day after feeling so good. I just dont understand???

Been out for a day trip that involved over an hour driving followed by 7 hours walking and then the driving back. I had a brathurst Sausage with egg and mushroom for breakfast and felt ok this morning. By lunchtime I was feeling really weak (not like me at all - I've done cambridge before for months and NEVER felt weak). By Mid afternoon I had to keep sitting down. I had Mozzerella salad for lunch. By 4pm I felt almost unwell so I had the only thing available - A small pot of natural creamy icecream (didnt enjoy it for what its worth - was feeling sick).

We left at 5.30 and drove home. On the way home I felt increasingly unwell. Cold, shaky, sick and so weak. My concentration was poor and had to pull over at one point. Got back and nipped into sainsburys and couldnt believe how unwell I felt. It was all I could do to grab a couple of things and I seriously felt I was going to pass out at the checkout.

I have just eaten (Ham, mushrooms and an egg) but feel sick and 'woozy'. I am really concerned cos I never feel faint or weak - even when on shakes only.

I feel so emotional too all of a sudden, I just want too cry. Can anyone shed any light on all this :(
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Have you been taking any vitamin supplements, Chell? Reason I ask is that I've been unable to shake off this damned lethargy for weeks and weeks. I started with a multivitamin yesterday and I feel loads better today. :)

Don't know what else to suggest, but I hope you feel much better soon!


Never give up
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Are you sickening for something Chell? Sounds like how I felt last time I got flu.

No chance you're pregnant?

Hope you feel better soon anyway.
S: 15st2lb C: 14st3lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st13lb(6.13%)
Pregnant!!! Jeez, not much chance of that!

I think I had a proper low blood sugar because I recovered so well after eating a proper meal last night. I feel ok again this morning, but I can just feel my reserves are running low. I just need to work out why cos I thought atkins was suppost to stabilise blood sugars and I have never experienced that before.

Steve you might be right about the vits. When I have done CD you forget the shakes are fortified with vitamins and that keeps you well. The other thing is that when on cambridge I think you have about 30 carbs a day and i always felt energetic and in ketosis. I think I am going to up carbs a bit.

I cant afford to not feel energetic being a single mum with two kids, a dog and three jobs!!!

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