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Having a really sh*t day

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I apologize in advance for this rant I just needed to get it off my chest.

I am having a really tough day and all I have done is cry. I feel as if I am drinking as much as I am crying. My marriage is falling apart and I dont know what to do to make this any better. For the first time in my life I hate my job, I dont want to do this anymore and thinking about quitting.

My husband thinks of no one but himself and I seem to be the only one in the relationship who is really hurt by what is going on. He's taking everything in his stride as if he doesn't have a care in the world. Some may say I have only myself too blame as he is not worth it. They are probably right....

I want to feel good about myself but don't know how too.

Sorry to go on.... :(
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Oh hun ((hugs))
I'm sorry to hear you are having marriage problems.
Have you tried setting some time aside and having a good heart to heart with your HB to try and resolve your problems in a adult manner?
I hope you have some good friends/family close by whom you can talk to - people who know you and your HB are often the best people to help in these situations.

Hugs x x x


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Oh Dee so sorry you're really going through it at the moment ((hugs))
Has he found a job yet?
It sounds like he does nothing to make you feel better about yourself (just the opposite in fact!) and you're never going to be happy with yourself if he still keeps treating you like rubbish.
Maybe a new job back home is something to consider?
You know where I am if you want to get it off your chest lovely x
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Thanks, not sure what to do at the moment, heading to bed as I feel like cheating on this diet and dont want to


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Hi Dee,

I'm going through something similar. I'm sure your DH is hurting too - men are simply better at compartmentalising things.

If you can talk to your DH make sure you do! There are many good books that might help you feel better, either by working on your own or with your DH to improve your relationship. There are also books that help you get clear in your mind what you want in your relationship and out of life. Let me know if you would like me to recommend some. If your DH would be willing you could also try Relate...I've never tried it, but we are considering it at the moment.

If your DH is not willing to talk and try and sort things out you need to put yourself first. That doesn't necessarily mean leave, but it does mean worry more about how you feel and less about what your DH may or may not feel. Go out on a girl's night out if you can or go and treat yourself to a massage or similar.

I don't know anything about your situation, but as we are both struggling at the moment feel free to PM me any time. I'm currently trying to decide whether to leave or not...and DH is now begging me to stay after he demanded a divorce a week ago (have been here before). I've just asked him to sell his car (his pride and joy and costs us a fortune) to prove he's serious and that this time is different from all other times. We'll see :)


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Hon - I can really sympathise with you! I was living with my BF of 3 years and we had talked about getting engaged - then he left and a week later was with a new GF. I still wake up most mornings in tears and wasn't even married so I can't imagine what you are going through. Worst bit is he wants to stay friends and see my puppy who we had from 8 weeks (she is mine though) and I hear after 6 weeks is madly in love with the new GF, introducing her to his mum etc (whom it took nearly a year for me to meet). Actually sitting here in floods of tears writing this and as I say was only a BF not a HB so it must be soooo hard for you.

All I can say is my thoughts are with you and sending lots of big hugs hon xxxxx

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