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Having a tattoo while on a VLCD

I have had a few tattoos, one very large that took 2 x 4 hour sittings. Most tattoists I think would recommend keeping your blood sugar up while you are sitting. I always take nurofen just before I go in and then have a bottle of full fat coke with me throughout to sip at. One other thing, consider how your tattoo will look if your body changes shape!
If it's a small tattoo you are getting then you should be fine but take a small choc bar/sweet drink with you just in case you start to feel dizzy or anything.

If it's a large tattoo then maybe wait til you're not on a vlcd anymore.

I had a tattoo about 6 weeks ago while I was on Exante, it took just over an hour and I was fine. Did feel rather light headed towards the end though so I had a bottle of oasis and I felt better.


Doing this for last time
Oh my goodness how do you do the pain?
I would agree, a small tattoo probably wouldn't be to bad, but more than an hour or two is likely to make you feel pretty rough. I've always ended up having fairly high sugar foods mid session for my bigger tattoos. Maybe just wait until you're off your VLCD.


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Thanks everyone :)

I think this will take several hours. It's going to be about 20cm x 20cm and pretty detailed/coloured.


Doing it exante style :)
Oh I'm so glad I've found this thread.

I've been getting all stressed today coz next weekend I'm off to Liverpool tattoo convention and having a 6 hour session so I obviously need to eat. It's made me feel alot easier knowing I'm doing the right thing by coming off exante next Friday :) x
I had a tattoo on Wednesday and im doing Cambridge sole source. It took 2 hours and I was starting to feel a bit wobbly but I just drank lots of water and had a bit of chicken and now all is fine!!
Hope it goes well for you :) x
It's so true, The sugar in your system seems to help you keep control, I had a pin up half sleeve all in all it took 16 hours & I had to have some sessions stopped through blood pouring out of me & my tattoist being completely unable to carry on. I felt the difference in pain too! He was on the same VLCD shake plan as me so he understood but he keeps a box of lolly's & offers them to customers. Grin & bear it but Sugar in the system REALLY helps. x
It's happening this coming Saturday! Well, 3 hours of it anyway :) In total it's going to be about 5 or 6 hours. The second session is in October and I may be off the VLCD (but on Route to Management) by then. I will probably eat before the tattoo on Saturday, but just protein.
So my original appointment had to be postponed, but went ahead today. I did eat breakfast this morning - no/completelynimal carbs though and then had a LL shake before I went. Half way through I had a LL bar. At the end I was very wobbly, but am OK now. It's just the outline, but for those who wanted to see it's here :)


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think most would be shakey after that! a pretty big tattoo!
Wow! Are you goin back to have it coloured? Can we see a pic if you do it's beautiful !
I very nearly came out with only half mine done on my lower back cos it was that painful it. Felt like an epidural going in over and over lol , anyway I conquered it and had 2 small others since, not sure I could sit for so long as to have a large piece like thT done I tip my hat to you it's lovely x

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