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having a weak moment



Getting her sparkle back
Hi Dazzle!

Can completely sympathise with your situation!

I usually:
Brush my teeth
Drink a glass of water
Do something time consuming, like painting my nails or reading minimins!
and usually the craving passes.

Good luck, i'm sure you can do it! :) x
i got through it! left the room with the temptations and went to my room and got myself ready for bed and made a few phone calls. then dozed off had a fabulous sleep. and woke up went on the (unreliable)scales and was pleased with what i saw. now to get through today.


Getting her sparkle back
Well done Dazzle :)
you'll get through the rest of the day.

I have been filling "free" time with walking to pass the time, and like you calling people.

keep it up
flex u'v done amazingly this week well done:happy036:. 6lbs is great. and 2 stone in 6 weeks! wow! wish i were loosing like u!:dooney:when are your weigh ins?
i walked quite a bit today. any one who knows london i walked from finsbury park to highbury and then got my train and then walked from the station to my house which took me 35 mins with my short legs.:woohoo:
Cheers for that.

Meetings are on Monday night so that's two days down already.

Please give me the 2 stone 3lbs :p


Determined to succeed
Hey Dazzle and Flex how are you both :grouphugg:. Not been on much as have been working all week but got a night off tonite - hurray. Got my 5st on wednesday night and was ecstatic to say the least. My OH bought me my Ipod touch today so just gotta put some tunes on it later so i can take it for my run in morning. How you both getting on this week?
Done ok but today feeling peckish not sure why. Even at work when I was busy.

I drank the same as normal but been having the gurgle.

Also the amount of takeaways I've seen coming in the close tonight for the England match making me feel like I want one.

Have fun with the iPod. I'm on one right now typing this. Btw argos doing a £30 worth iTunes voucher for £20 if you need it.

Trying to think what I can treat myself with when I hit my target


Determined to succeed
Oh thanks for that Flex. Must nip in to argos and grab myself a voucher.
Ipod was my first treat as it is my halfway mark - and a big thing for me as i never really believed i would get there.

Its so hard to think of treats that dont envolve food as it is all we have even none.

Just turn a blind eye to all the takeaways coming luv - remember they are one of the reasons you ended up here. Those days are well and truly gone. Sure what would you rather have - a chinese or your chilli :8855:
I have just eaten a handful of peanuts :( nooooooooo have been so good for 11 days and the hand just automatically went for the bowl. Arghhh
ive been busy lately sooooooo much going on, ive been missing packs and not drinking like i should. and thers so much temptation about and now am not feeling that great. got a wedding in 2 weeks that i'm helping to organise. wish me luck all.


Determined to succeed
Good luck for the wedding Dazzle.

Not sure what is wrong with me today -but feeling really down. Dont have any reason to feel like this but cant shake it and am really annoyed with myself :confused:
thanks lind. iwgt??????????? wat happened? hope u ok hunny! the weathers really mucking me about aswell as me hormones but have going for walks with colleagues on my lunch break in the highbury and finsbury park areas. if u see me cheer me on lol!!!!!!!!! if u recognise me im short not so fat (anymore) asian girl in the gold skechers.lololol!
im doing ok. just got this hurdle to get through this weekend. need all the luck in the world!
i've got "food glorious food" in my head!!! lololol:8855:

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