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Having a WOBBLE!!


Wants to be a yummy mummy
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Please help!!

Sorry to post this negative post, but I am having a wobble! My OH again is saying things like "ohhhhhh, come on, lets get this, that and the other" ie. lots of junk food....and I am sooooo hungry that I am wavering....I know deep down that I WONT give in....but its sooooo hard.....I am always so positive in the mornings and all day until I reach tea time and I really REALLY struggle....:mad:

My question's are these:

1) Did anyone else have a point in the day that made them waver?
2) If so, how long did it last?
3) How did you get over this?
4) Does the hunger really subside over the next few days?
5) Will it get easier?? REALLY?

I am battling between two voices in my head ALL the time....one is telling me that I must stick to this and it will be great etc....the other is telling me about all the food I am missing out on, and how that makes me feel, and also telling me, What is the point of sticking to this, if I am only going to give it up next week or something?? What if it doesnt get easier and in a few days, I really just cant take anymore????

Sorry to be so doom and gloom. Did anyone else feel like this?

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everyone feels like that at some point. I suppose I am lucky in that I don't have another adult in the house most of the time to lead me astray.
Think about how much you want to lose weight. How you want to be healthy. How you want to go shopping for lots of lovely new clothes (and boy have I done that!).

Go and write a list of why you want to do this. Make yourself a pack, or a glass of water or a cup of tea/coffee.
It is worth it, if I can get to management then so can you!
Ignore you OH. Do this for yourself!!! Tell him off for trying to dissuade you from sticking to the diet... that really is selfish!! he wants to indulge in junk food and wants a partner in crime to do so... tough!! Be strong and remember why you want this!!

No food is worth jeapordising your happiness for.

My name is Karen and i'm a foodaholic.

But deep down i know that food is my enemy and i avoid it at all costs!!! It's going to be a struggle every day for the rest of my life but i have to say that being slim beats ANY food in the world!!!

Stay strong !


has started again!!
Trust me, we ALL have day like this! I often feel bad for my miserable posts, but honestly the answers you will get on here will help you! That is to say, dont stop posting, without Minis I would have sunk long ago!

Ignore OH. Tell him this is for you, and more important than any food ever! Tell him you want to show him just what a strong, fantastic woman you really are, tell him to give you a chance!

You can do it, with or without his support, but honestly, getting him onside would be much much better!!
Not sure what day you're on TL? The first few weeks for me were hard as my body adjusted! Just take it a day at a time and push through the pain barrier! It des get better and you just need to keep yourself busy, have water & post away to get through it!
I suggest having a chat with OH and saying how important it is to you; they worry I think that people going to get slim and run off with milkman so reassure him too! They can also feel guilty/uncmf at eating when you cant but being "boys" seem to try & cope with this by taunting you which is downright mean if you ask me!
It is worth it and getting slimmer, healthier & happier is worth far more than any pizza! Hang in there & DONT CHEAT!!!!


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Hi guys, I'm really glad to read this thread, I'm gatecrashing *again* from LT (but its sooooooo quiet on there!); yesterday and today (day 5 and 6!) I have been really struggling. I'm not hungry, just feeling deprived. Silly, I know, it was my decision to do LT and I know its the right one, I just was getting upset about the lack of food and wine lol. But it does help to read these posts....


Wants to be a yummy mummy
S: 16st4lb C: 16st4lb G: 12st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks all so much for your replies...I really feel like I am about to burst into tears over this whole thing at the moment....I feel deprived and miserable....roll on tomorrow...the days start off well and go rapidly downhill I'm afraid!:cry:


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TL, keep going, keep going!! People on here have told me that it does get better, I know for myself that the hunger pangs go after a couple of days, which is one thing to look forward to! And imagine how you are going to feel at weigh-in, when you get on those scales and see how much weight you have lost :)
aw sorry you are feeling like this - I too am struggling as you have probably seen in previous posts. I am litterally taking it one day at a time, really and the only thing that is starting to get me through is people saying how great I look.. I think to myself gosh is it really worth going back the way now..

Good luck and keep on here - it will keep you strong.
Thin Lizzy,

I think everyone has days like this. That is the good thing about the mini's. I have posted so many times when I have been down and there have been times when I have been down for weeks rather than days but you have the support of your group (hopefully) and mini's.

I took each day as it came, I didn't lapse once even though I thought about it and I am now in management (week 3 starts Tuesday). I had some really low times and would have loved nothing more than reach for a pizza hut or box of choocies but I always said give yourself 10 min and if you feel the same then have it. I never ever did have it and the following day I normally got up on a high for not giving in to those wicked crooked thoughts.

I am now having problems as the foodpacks are decreasing as we introduce more food and they have become my saftey net - I can't believe I am actaully missing the packs and experimenting with them, this is what kept me going. Making custurd, chocolate, mousse's, bar biscuits (particulaly nice if you coat them in a sweet food pack mousse so they are chocolate coated if you get what I mean)

This is your journey and everyone is different. I had a particulary bad journey although I am grateful that mine was short. BUt other people have much more positive journey's and are so inspiring.

Just keep that goal in your head and you will get there in no time and use this site whenever you feel sad.

Good luck hunny xx :hug99:

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