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Having a wobbler


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I'm having a tough time today :(

I keep thinking "oh it wouldn't hurt to just have one night off would it"? Stupid STUPID fat girl...

I'm scared that I've just got the wrong attitude towards this and that my weight issues will always be here. I'm viewing it as a tunnel, "just get through this, get the weight off, then phew i'll be nice and slim for summer" but I won't STAY that way unless I change my behaviour and thinking...

Will I ever change? I obviously didn't learn my lesson last time so what makes me think I will this time? I know that just being thin isn't enough as it wasn't last time.

Sorry everyone, I'm on a real downer today :break_diet:
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dont be so harsh on urself... ur not stupid.... ur very courageous for sticking to this diet... i learnt some really valuable things today in cbt..... made me think differently and not to be so harsh on myself xxx


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I am sorry you are having a tough day, you have done well so far and I am sure you will continue to do so and also learn how to deal with the emtions you are feeling today about food. Keep your chin up x

I think weekends are really difficult for a lot of people, I too am struggling today not becuase I want food but because I am so bored, usually boredom would mean a trip to the fridge! Not today, just off for a bath then think I will take the dog out. (Hope we dont get blown away in the wind lol)

Just think it will soon be summer and how lovely you will look, but also try to remember how you felt when you lost all the weight before, you did brilliantly and I am sure you must have felt a million dollars.

What you believe you receive......you can and will do this.....xx


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Hi twiggy,
You have to change your way of thinking,by been more positive and ask yourself how bad you want to be slim,then when you get there you need to change your eating habits for life!
That's what I intend to do,as I am a lot happier been slim,and I can't keep coming back on the plan!

Sexy xx


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Have more faith in yourself Hun!
I am struggling at the moment too but despite all the crooked thinking that's going on in my head I made it my mission to go and see my LLC (she's easily an hour away) and talk to her. I'm telling you Hun it makes so much difference!
Stop hating on yourself! Calling yourself stupid and fat only releases negative energy out there. The simple law of attraction says. Your thoughts create your reality. It is so true and so instead of thinking you're going to fail or you won't learn anything, start thinking you will win this fight and be successful! It WILL happen!
And you are learning otherwise you wouldn't have recognised your struggles at all!
I know too well how tough it can get but let's all continue supporting each other on here and try to take one day at a time!

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I'm having a rubbish day too. I should have a great day - 5lbs today but to celebrate I've eaten tonight and not healthily either! Take it from me having one day off makes you feel crap and a failure. Don't do it! Keep the faith. X


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Oh sorry about that Vikki, but congrats on your great loss.
One thing we do learn about LL is that you can't dip in and out of it - and you are only cheating on yourself. We don't like it when anyone else cheats on us, do we?
It must be so hard for you surrounded by all that lovely food.
I can almost smell it from here................Mmmmmmmmmm.
Get back on track. You know you can.:)


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Cheers slenda. I know that if I cheat I feel pants. I know that if I am overweight I feel pants but sometime the willpower is weak. I am def a emotional eater. The kids were quite spectacularly fighting tonight and the first thing I did was look in the fridge! Mind you not much in there so even although I looked into it 4 times nothing was in there that made me want it. Shame about the roast pork I tasted earlier. Tomorrow is another day and I know I'll be back to my motivated self, why? Cos kids are back at school!! ;-)