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having my first meal on SS plus. have some questions

it says I am allowed 120 g of chicken. Is this raw or cooked? (or doesn't it make a difference?). I am also going to have courgettes. How many slices of courgette do you think 2 tbs are? Am I allowed bouillon and can i stir fry the courgette and the chicken? With no oil of course just herbs and garlic. Is this ok? Im so excited but I dont want to get anything wrong!
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Can't help i'm afraid but really interested to know the answer.

I've been doing SS+ for 8 days and lost 11lb in the first 7 days on it.

Dry stir frying is fine. The best way I find to cook the chicken and keep it moist is by sprinkling on the herbs etc, wrapping it in foil and baking it in the oven. You then let it cook in its own juices and almost have a little her gravy to pour over.

I always take the raw weight of chicken just to be safe, it is usually a small chicken breast. For Tuna, I take the drained weight. As for the veg, it is so hard to tell, so I usally imagine how much of it chopped up I would get onto a table spoon.

Herbs and spices are fine, as is black pepper, but no salt. I use a tiny bit of worcester sauce too and some people use a bit of tobasco to give things a kick. You can also use fat free dressings, the only one I could fine was the Helmanns fat free dressing and it is scrummy with salad leaves!

Hope this helps.

Personally I would use the garlic granules as they fall in to the herbs and spices catagory. I think as long as they are what they say they are on the pack you are fine. I would steer away from mixes (eg. BBQ mix, piri piri mix etc.) as they are more likely to have added salt and sugar.
I use: Chilli powder, chilli flakes, mixed herbs, pepper, other plain dried herbs, cayenne pepper, tumeric, paprika, worcester sauce (only small dash!). I think that's it so far!



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Thats brilliant and answered most of my questions. Thank you. I'm using garlic. I've no idea if im in ketosis, but I dont feel bad! I just look forward to a healthy meal at nigth!


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You're right, mummyof3, it's the raw weight.

And now you've all made me hungry. Good job I'm doing SS+ from tomorrow for a week... :D


can see the end in sight!
yay ss+! i will be doing it in a couple of weeks and i can't wait!


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I've got to start SS+ next week, so this is very useful. About 'dry-frying' though - won't things like chicken stick to the pan? And what sort of pan would you use? (I'm sceptical about 'non-stick' frying pans, because of the high heat - they still stick for me! :eek:) I don't want to waste one tiny scrap of meat when I can only have a small amount!

Also, is it OK to use balsamic vinegar as a dressing?
I bought myself a brand new teeny non- stick skillet especially for me as my wok is huge and my dinner would look lost :eek:

Have dry fried chicken tonight with mushroom and courgette and there was no sticking :)
Not 100% sure about balsamic vinegar but you can have pickled cabbage so I would think a little bit wouldn't hurt.

Annie x


Post-Menopausal Maniac!