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having my wisdom tooth out on tuesday

eeek! am scared! hate hospitals, hate dentists, hate injectons. this involves all three! however, this tooth has been infected three times since november and each time one side of my face has swollen right up like the elephant man so i'm best rid of it.

diet is going to go to pot as apparently it's the law to live off ice cream afterwards- but i might even lose weight, you never know! not sure sw is going to work for me but i'll reassess after tooth removal etc.
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Good luck Jen!!!!

You'll be fine, I've had lots of dental work done too, and know how horrid it is, but you'll feel better afterwards, no nasty infections again!!! I think the wait to have it done is worse than actually having it out.

I wonder how much a wisdom tooth weighs? Could be a good loss for you next week;)

Take care


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You'll be fine Jen. Had mine out in January. Still alive and rambling as usual. So pleased it's out.


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Yuk!!! Good luck Tuesday jen x


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Thinking of you on Tuesday:)

Love Mini xxx


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Good luck Jen! I had 3 wisdom teeth out two years ago. I lived off soup and ice cream for about two weeks afterwards!! Take care and let us know how you are. :)


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Hey Jen, you will be fine chix! I am like you, hate hospital, dentists, injections and pain, blood etc but I had all 4 out a couple of years ago...had my tonsils taken out about a year after that and i tell ye, I'd rather have my wisdom teeth out than tonsils!

Good excuse for ice cream though....hhhmm, must think up one of my own!
I feel for you. Had my wisdoms out under a General. They were growing sideways into my other teeth. Was so glad to get rid of them. I eat weetabix for a couple of weeks.

Just think no more infections. Relief is the feeling I got because when I did have an infection, the pain was unbelievable. Worse than labour. :eek:

Good luck hun. You will be fine. :)
Just think no more infections. Relief is the feeling I got because when I did have an infection, the pain was unbelievable. Worse than labour. :eek:
i've never given birth but a few people who have, who have had wisdom teeth probs, have said the same as you. certainly makes me feel like less of a baby! the pain i have had from infections just made me want to cry!


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Hi jen....

I had all 4 of mine out and was so relived! Also had my tonisls out but the icecream excuse didn't work had to have granary toast before they would discharge me! As icecream and tonsils is a myth!!

You'll be fine on tuesday! I hate needles and was aright state but still manage to give blood as its not as bad!

Had my bottom two taken out years ago they were growing under my other teeth - they also has to take away some jaw bone - so thats my excuse for a double chin!! Done the tonsils thing when I was 18 too - no ice cream bloody toast was order of the day.

I am dental phobic, blood phobic, injection phobic, phobic phobic but I was so surprised how little pain there was afterwards. It was done at dentists under general anaesthetic, don't think they would be allowed to do that now.

Anyways, Jen, it really was not as bad as I thought and if you take your painkillers regularly you will be fine. Suppose worst thing was looking like a chipmunk for a few days.

Its when you think you are okay and stop the painkillers it might hurt:eek:

Good luck and best wishes to you.



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All the best tomorrow. I'm terrible at the dentist and mine is lovely, really reassuring. I felt terrible at the thought of a molar extraction and had to be sedated at the hospital. But as others have said, the waiting is the worst and you'll be so relieved after.


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oooh Jen,
can understand your nerves, you'll be fine hun, don't worry, least try not to!!

will be thinking of you tomorrow