having such a bad day and don't know what to do


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I all. I don't know what's wrong with me just lately. I've sucessfully lost nearly 4 stone since September and I've only got 2 stone to go but I'm starting to struggle like mad. I know I've not got far to go and im so pleased with the progress that I've made already but I'm now starting to struggle to keep on track. All I can think about is food and even though I'm so near to my goal I can't seem to resist eating for more than a couple of days. It's like I'm always on the edge of a cliff about to fall in. I'm also really down today. It will be 3 months on Wednesday since my dad died and I'm generally just feeling so low despite being so happy with my weight loss so far. It seems like I'm never going to get to goal. I'm stood in the kitchen crying cos I feel so low.
I'm really sorry for moaning but everything is just getting to me today. each hour is amassive uphill struggle in trying to resist eating. ....... And to top it all off I've just spilt a scalding hot cup of tea over my arm and it kills! Thanks for taking the time to read this. I just need to vent my fustration
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You poor thing,sorry youre feeling so down,3 months isnt very long and you are not surprisingly still feeling low about whats happened,unfortunatley time is the only thing you can ask for to help you start to feel better about your dad.(((((hugs))))))
As for the diet,I am where you are with regards to having 2 stone left to go,I take an hour at a time thats all I can do,if I really feel the urge to eat I have some chicken,I know it doesnt work for everyone and can lead to a binge.Sometimes though this is the only way I can manage,christmas really messed me up.Dont be hard on yourself love,the way you are feeling I think you are doing really well.With regards to the arm I presume you have run it under cold water (10mins minimum)try and cover it with something if you have a bandage put it on(no fluffy bits)as the air makes it burn more
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Keelie, big hugs. You've done SO well you are a real inspiration! Please don't beat yourself up, we all have hard days and I wonder if you need to go up a step for a week or so to give your body a break? CD since September is a long time.
I also think you're amazing to stick so well to the diet when your dad died just 3 months ago. My lovely dad died just over a year ago and I still find it very, very hard... some people just leave a big hole in our lives. Grief takes a whole lot longer than we think and creeps up on us at the strangest times, affecting us in all kinds of different ways. You're doing so well in all kinds of ways. Do identify, just wanted to say stick in there, keep smiling, you can do it.... and hugs.


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Just wanted to post to say I feel similar. I started on the 11th September and have lost 53 pounds on SS+ (which answers my question on a thread higher up). This month I've been starving hungry, moody and really struggling.

I did a calculation on my blog where I worked out how much I could lose on this diet - and then on others. This one does come out best but I have another option on standby if I can't bear it any longer!

This isn't an easy diet especially over a long period - and even more so when you are dealing with grief.

Sorry no answers here but lots of sympathy. x


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Darling, I'm so sorry about your dad - I had no idea! No wonder you're feeling lousy, sweetie, you're still grieving. You'll have good days and bad days and today was a bad day.


This too will pass, hun - you will feel better in time as you'll be able to cope with moving on but at three months, the pain is still very raw.

Give yourself a break, dolly and time to heal. Do NOT beat yourself up about the diet right now - do what you can do from hour to hour and you can really do no more than that.

Oh and go to A&E if your burn is bigger than a 50p piece. A friend of mine did the same thing and had to have daily hospital visits for a couple of weeks. Don't ignore it, babes - get it sorted.