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Having trouble

S: 25st2lb C: 24st11lb BMI: 49.8 Loss: 0st5lb(1.42%)
:confused: I am really having a big problem just now of over syning while i am at work. I work in a kitchen, so its hard enought being around all that fatty food all day, but my biggest problem is that we have a big tub of sweets that people keep adding to. i have tried hiding it, not going near it, having a big breakfast before going to work and eating plenty of free food while at work but i just can't seem to help myself! and once i have had one, the flood gates open and i can;t stop! i can't chew gum becuase its unhyginic and we are not allowed to bring our own food into the kitchen, other wise i would have packed the place with fruit by now! my consulatnt suggested keeping track of the number of syns i have and trying to balance it out with my weekly syns, but i work out that i was up to almost 30 syns today alone!

If anyone has any advice i would gladly take it.:cry::cry:

Red x
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I find associating the sweeties with bad things help.

Sweeties to me = tooth decay, stomach aches, sickly feelings, tired from sugar come down, boredom food.

If this doesn't help then I'm sorry :/ it's ok to have sweeties sometimes though and perhaps you should rule them out completely at work and just wait til you get home to have something like a bag of maltesers or something. If you're depriving yourself completely out of work then they'll be harder to resist in work.


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ask yourself what is more important, to have the taste of those sweets or watching your weight diminishing? No one can really help you not eat something. You have got to really want to change your attitude to food otherwise this problem will pop up and bite you on the bottom many many times. The only thing you could try is to say to yourself yes I will alow myself a sweet AFTER I have drunk 500mls of water. Do that each time you are tempted.


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My C was talking about this type of thing at group this week & she said if there is bad stuff at your work, let yourself have some of it (being realistic I guess).
BUT instead of having some about half an hour into your day and then continuing throughout the day set yourself a time when you will start eg. if your day begins at 9am you say 'I'm going to have some sweets but I will have my first one at 2:30pm'. That way you're meant to feel less deprived but since you've started later in the day you have less sweets (or hopefully someone else has eaten them!). This is all easier in theory I guess but you could give it a try.


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I agree with Rosie.
For me, when temptation arises, I remember that being slim feels so much better than any chocolate or sweets taste.
Good luck!


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You are going to have to really concentrate on cutting back on eating the sweets. It is going to be very difficult for you because it's a habit that helps you get through your shift at work.
If you aren't allowed to take fruit, why are you allowed to have sweets in the kitchen?
I used to run restaurants and eating isn't allowed because you have to put your hand near your mouth - this applies to sweets aswell. If your boss allows sweets, why don't they allow grapes?

Anyway, it's only you that can do this, either allow yourself a set amount of syns, say 10 a day, just for sweets, or spend those syns after work on something that you really want.
S: 25st2lb C: 24st11lb BMI: 49.8 Loss: 0st5lb(1.42%)
thanks all for the advice :), and to answer a few questions, i have no idea wht we are not allowed to take in fruit, i have never asked why, i have just been told no lol, gum is 100% banned and the people i work with are all very supportive of what i am doing so i have no one to blame but myself really.

I was at work again today and i did manage to go the whole day with out eating any, i think it really had become a really bad habbit i need to break myself of, once or twice i found my hand the the tub with out even thinking and i just had to tell myself no. Kikikisses's idea of trying to realte it to something bad relly helped so that you for that :)
I think i am going to try and see if i can make it a whole 7 days with out eating any then i will get my self a new game of my Wii or some such thing. I think its going to have to be all or nothing with this. and you are all right, of cource, that i want to loose wight more than i want a jelly baby! :D thank you all for the advice :)

Red x

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