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Hayes Meetings?


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi Sue!
Perhaps look on the Cambridge main website, "Find A Counsellor" section, look under your area, and see if you can call the person who runs your local meeting? It may be at their home address, or perhaps they hire a local hall.
Where did you see it advertised? Was there a contact number? Not sure myself who's in that area hunny, but maybe other peeps on here will know! Hopefully someone will come along soon to enlighten! :character00238:
thanks for the reply Lainey, I did check out the CD website and saw Hayes listed for that Councellor but it didn't mention the addy, still only considering doing it

thanks tho :sigh:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Perhaps contact the CDC via their email address, find out what you need to know, then take you time to think about it. There's no pressure or commitment. It's a big step to make that first contact, and if you decide once you've had all your queries answered to go for it, you should be confident, happy and raring to go, with no doubts or anxieties!
I personally think you won't regret doing CD! Find out a bit more first though from your local CDC! Good luck!
I did LL before lost 3.5 stone then stopped just before i got to management, simply because i stopped losing weight or my weight loss was very slow, even came out of ketosis on a couple of occasions, and considering i never cheated once, which my councellor could tell because most of the time i was in ketosis, even she couldn't work out why my losses were so bad only got to 3lbs in a week on a handful of times, she even mentioned it to head office and they couldn't fathom it out either, anyway i decided to go it alone, thought i'd give WW a try, but can't do it, so put about a stone back on so have to decide quick what to do now.
I'm interested to know how different/same to LL CD is



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Would hazzard a guess that the reason you plauteaud, or had minimal losses, is because your body got too used to the same old routine for so long! Although you can physically go 100 days with no conventional food, your body really isn't made to do so! That's why CD has "Add-A-Meal Week" on each 5th week if following Sole Source, but better still, CD has the choice of 5 other "with food" programmes. This means that when you (or your bod) gets a bit fed up of the same old routine - we can change it!!! It's a bit like taking medicine every day - your body would soon become immune to its effects. No different with dieting. You need to shake-up the metabolism now and again to kick start the weight loss once more! Once your digestive system and metabolism has had a good kick up the bum, it'll soon start burning pounds again! What you've described is nothing new from the x-LL's I have/had! You just need a bit more variety hunny!!! ;)

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