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*~*Hayley's JUDDD 2 Week Trial*~*


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Today is day 1 of my 2 week JUDDD trial. I've been on the cambridge diet but find it so hard to stick to properly for more than a week at any one time so i am often fighting to get back into ketosis. I will never knock the CD as it works. I just like to eat now and again :D I'm a real diet rebel when it comes to foods i cant have so the fact that on JUDDD i can have what i want but just on an up day sounds ideal right now.

A little bit about me - I have been dieting since January this year. I started on Slim Fast, lost 2 stone with that but seemed to come to a halt so i started CD at the end of June, i have lost over 2 stone on SS and SS+. I then went through a bad patch on CD during the school hols so went to Atkins, kinda got abit fed up with that so went back to CD and here i am today :D I'm a real diet hopper lol I also started a new part time job on Thursday gone and i found it hard going with just having the one Cambridge shake all day until i got home. I'm determined to get this weight off and if that means i swap and change diets to fit how i'm feeling at the time then so be it :D as long as the scales do go in the right direction then that's all that matters to me.

Current Weight 15st 13 3/4lbs - I was down to 15.8 :eek: on my scales so i have put on a few pounds over the past week ( just finished totm too) so fingers crossed there will not be no more to gain :fingerscrossed:

I plan to use my diary as a food diary so i can keep track of what i'm eating. I'm hoping to have CD shakes on my down days as i have a good few weeks forth needing to be used but it might be nice to still eat so we will see how i go.

So here goes days 1 for me, wish me luck,though its an up day so it may be tomorrow i need the luck and bags of willpower :D
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Good luck hun, sure you'll do great. I've found my will power since being on juddd has shot through the roof!!! I've not once been naughty on a down day, think becasue "I can have it tomorrow" really does work! then by the next day you find you don't want it anyway! On slimfast I'd be naughty now and again (odd biscuit here and there!), so sometimes just have a right binge! Just haven't had the urge to do that on this plan, I love it! Also have been feeling less hungry even on up days, and the past week haven't felt hungry at all on down days which is a shock lol! Also been feeling more energetic :D

Keep us posted hun, hope it all goes great for you x


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Hi Stirky

Thanks for popping by. I hope i do as well as you are on this plan.

Okay so here is my days food : I have eating a lot of foods here that i would rather stay away from but cupboards are running low so today was going to be a case of just making sure i didn't go mad on cals. Tomorrow is DD and i have my CD shakes at the ready and i can grab some healthier bit n bobs for Tuesdays up day :D

B - Weetabix, milk and sweetener - 257cals
L - Boiled egg sarni - 236
D - Chicken pasta dish - 370

S - Chocolate spread sarni :rolleyes:
Doritos :rolleyes:

Drink 1 coffee with milk and sweetener
1 Black coffee with sweetener
3ltrs water

Total today - 1500

Looking at what i have had today apart from the bad snacks is my total calories okay ?
Hi Sass, think you've done well today, but next up day I'd eat a bit more. Lol I know it sounds weird, I struggled to eat enough on my up days the first week, but it is important to as that's how this plan works :) The second week I struggled to stay under my cal limit on up days (but I did, phew!)!! Weirdly enough I've never struggled at all on a down day, stupid really lol!

It is hard to eat enough on up days when you are used to having so little, I was in the same boat after coming off SF.

Good luck hun and great first day x


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thx Stirky - Well i must admit my brother is bringing home some Chinese so i might have a wee pick but not much as i'm rather full up. I'm looking forward to my DD tomorrow, i'm sure i couldn't eat like this every day any more like i used to last year.
Yes I always look forward to down days too, up days are nice but you don't feel like you're dieting lol!


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Day 2 and first DD :D

My plan for today is to have 3 CD shakes but i might make it 2 and have a cereal bar but i will see how i feel. Got myself a 2L bottle of water next to me ready to glug away at and a nice black coffee. I'm going to leave having my first shake until as late as possible. When i'm doing CD i would normally have my first shake at about 2-3ish and i always felt okay with that so might adopt the same sort of times here.

Well i'm going to dash got lots to do today. Hope you all have a great day.
Good luck Sass! Yes I always leave eating on my dd as late as poss, usually about 2pm but yesterday it was gone 4pm before i had anything :eek: shocked myself lol, but then had a very busy day so always easier when you're busy. Have a great day today hun x


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Evening all,

Hiya Madferret :wavey:

Well today hmmmm.....

B - Black coffee
L- Mushroom Soup - 148
D - v small dinner of ( tiny amount of roast pork, spoon of mash and a few peas ) i shouldn't imagine that the amount i had would be any more than 300 cals but i feel like i haven't done well today as i did plan to have shakes.

Total calories - 448

Should i be feeling like i have done something wrong ? I know that your meant to have shakes on your DD's for the first 2 weeks but i just couldnt face them today :cry:
Yep nothing wrong with that hun. They suggest shakes for the reason you stay within your cal limit, but you don't have to. I have eaten food every down day I've had so far :D You did great fro your first dd!
Thanks so much ladys for your replys. Cant wait for an up day after today, not sure why but i'm feeling really hungry today.
It does get easier hun!


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Up day for me today :D

I don't have my days food planned as its like 'old mother hubbard' in my house so going to pop to sainsbury's to get today's food in a little while.

So far i have had:

cheerios cereal with semi skimmed milk - 200cals (rounding up as i think i had more than 125 milk )
1 cup of black coffee with sweatner
Have fun shopping! I always seem to go to the shops on a dd lol, been most dd's so far, but surprisingly I haven't been tempted!

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