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Hazelboo - My Ramblings


Likes to change diets...
Good luck to you and your daughter:)
Thanks Sorcha, looks like you are doing well. I did do the diet before and lost loads of weight so we will see.

My daughter is very very positive and between us we will get there. I suppose I'm a little less so only because I know whats in front of me, but hey, the results are brillant!
End of day one and I'm just about to have my final shake of the day. I don't feel too bad although the taste in my mouth is urgggg!!! I've drunk around 3 litres of water today so not too bad.

I had the banana shake for brekkie, yum, peanut fudge bar for lunch, hmmmm not sure about that..... chocky shake around 4ish and now strawberry my fav.

I did try the soups when I first did this diet back in 2006 but I can honestly say this..... I actually gagged.... this of course is my own thingy .... my mum loved the soups and hated the shakes, so there you go... swings and roundabouts as they say ;)

I wonder if they have changed the recipe??

hmmm well lets go and have that shake and then do something about this nasty taste in my mouth x nite nite x
Day 2 - Woke up in the middle of the night and just couldn't get back to sleep again so a little tired today but feeling ok. I have brought my mouthwash into work to get rid of any nastiness during the day.

Brekkie consisted of a banana milkshake - which was 'ok' I've brought in the cranberry and raspberry crunch which sounds nice.

I might get the porridge, but not sure how to make it so it's not lumpy - can anyone let me into the secret??

Ms Hazelboo is doing well and woke up with a smile on her face, she is so determined, I've only to look at her and it spurs me on to do the same :)

Well must get on to do some work - I'll come back later xxxx


Likes to change diets...
Well done for getting through your first day:)

Urggghh...i remember that vile taste/feeling in my mouth for the first week or so...horrible! It was like I had been licking lard lollipops! ( don't know how else to describe it)

It's great that you have each other for motivation. You know this works and it will again!

I used to like the soups and loved the chilli con carne ( with extra tobasco ) but now have choc shakes ( made with hot water + 2 sweetners ) and vanilla also made with hot water, 2 sweetners and 2 spoons of coffee. I have peanut bars for lunch and thats it! Sounds boring to some but its my routine and if I'm out I will have a choc shake cold ( buy a bottle of water and mix in shaker ) otherwise I mix at home with a hand blender and 400ml of water.
I didn't like the porridge at all...lumpy, lumpy is all I got no matter how I mixed it ( only had 3 packs my first week to try) One lady in our group has 28 packs of porridge and thats it! I couldn't do that!

Have a good day
Hi Sorcha

28 packets of porridge!!!! Blimey thats going some!

I've never tried the chocolate or vanilla hot I might give it a go. At the moment I've got, banana, strawberry and chocolate shakes and the crispy cranberry and raspberry bars and the choc and peanut bars (which the latter being yukky! In my opinion lol). I can honestly say that I tried the soups and again in my opinion they taste vile but as I said earlier my mum loves em. Ms Hazelboo has a tomato soup she said I can try so I'm having that tonight.

At least on this diet I'm brushing my teeth more! That doesn't sound right does it lol, my breath smells like its come from hell, although I like licking lard lollipops quote from earlier lol.

Its lunch time and i'm trying to space out my 4 a day roughly over 4 hours which seems to be working for me ok and I've nearly finsihed my second litre of water, happy days ;) x


Getting her sparkle back
Hi Hazelboo!

It's so lovely that your doing this with your daughter, you must be a great support for each other! LL can feel a bit lonely sometimes, when 'everyone else' is eating, would love to have someone to do it with!

I definitely recommend the vanilla shakes, they are my absolute favourite! I mix mine with 350-400ml of water in the morning for a lovely frothy breakfast shake, then sometimes I have it for dinner too with slightly less water, round 300-350ml for a yummy, hot shake! It's meant to be good with coffee too but I love it too much to risk ruining 'perfection' haha!

Good luck to you and Ms Hazelboo too!
(it rhymes!)



Hi Hazelboo best of luck to you and Ms Hazelboo, Hanmac is right LL can be a little lonley at times......have to say since starting my journey this site has really helped me alot, get great support from it and the people here are all so lovely! :) x
Thanks Hanmac and Tracyd for the warm welcome, hmmm hot vanilla milkshake sounds nice, I'll have to give it a go!

As for the loneliness well MsHazelboo stays up in her bedroom when she's not at work so I might as well be on my own lol, never mind.

Well just had the tomato soup and what can I say, YUK! YUK! YUK! (My own opinion), I did mask it with tobasco and a lil bit of salt but still gagged with it, oh well at least I tried. Ms Hazelboo had the mushroom soup and she loves it so I guess it all depends on taste.

My favourite are the shakes, strawberry, banana, vanilla and choccy although I must admit I'm going off the choccy a little, don't know why.

So this is the end of Day 2 we have our class tomorrow night so that will be interesting. Another couple of weigh ins on a Sunday then just the Wednesday night group - I must admit I'm still getting used to this ah well I'm sure I will settle down soon.

Right I'm going for a wander around the forum and thanks again for the warm welcome, lets see what another day brings x


i still havent tried the Tom soup as people told me beforehand it was yuk....wait til you get your bars.....the nut fudge is yummy, peanut one is nice too x


Likes to change diets...
Tomato soup should be banned! Its vile!! IMO....sorry to all of you who like it...
Day 3 - Woke up in the night again, hmmm don't know what's that about. Just got to work and had my banana shake, yummy! Ok, better get some work done, will post later. Lol Sorcha totally agree with you (in my opinion) x


Getting her sparkle back
I haven't tried the tomato soup, everyone seems to hate it except for one lady who used to be in my group who had it everyday for lunch and dinner! (Maybe that's why she never came back...)

For the chocolate shakes, have you tried it hot with a couple of sweeteners? Makes it taste so much better!
Day 4 - Well got weighed last night after starting on Monday and have lost a whooping 7lb!!! I'm absolutely gobsmacked!

Really pleased with a big grin on my face, just had my vanilla milkshake and in work ready to go, I'll post later xx


well done Hazelboo :) x


Getting her sparkle back
Wooop!! That's great Hazelboo!!


is Magdalicious
Yay! Well done on your loss! It's so cool yot two are doing this together. It must be helping a little.
Now with the soups... i used to have the mushroom everyday when i did it last time and got so sick of it i simply can't face giving it another go. At the moment i have porridge for breakfast ( i use cold water and i mix the powder in with a fork to make sure all the lumps are gone, then microwave it for 1 minute, stir and put it for another minute) which i love, the a bar for lunch ( i love them all so i don't mind which one) and 2 shakes in the evening. I am considering trying the soups again so maybe i will just get one of each next week to see which ones i can tolerate.
Unfortunately i hate the chilli, it's vile, looks vile, tastes vile and smells vile. Never again!
I want them to bring back that yummy savoury bar they had a few years back. It was lovely, tasted a bit like bread. Anyone remembers that?

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