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He still thinks I'm fat... RANT sorry


I've got the power
Ok so I've lost a fair amount of weight, gone from an 18 to a 10, should be happy right?

I asked my husband to get some clothes down for me n put them in the wash, which he did.
When I saw what he'd washed for me I was really upset and still am.
He'd got loads of my bigger sized clothes and didn't even realise why I was upset that he'd washed them.
Does he still think I'm fat? It's not as if he didn't see the clothes as he also hung them out to dry.

I am devastated and can feel all my old eating disorder demons coming back, telling me 'you're still fat, go back on the diet, lose 2 more stone'...

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He's only a man!!! All men are like that - they dont look at the size of clothes, the colour of clothes because they dont care!

Its not that he thinks your fat hun your not - he's just stupid all men are.

Dont let them demons come back and haunt you and if you have to confront your hubby and ask him to pay more attention

By the way you should get rid of all your big clothes!! No need for them now
No your not still fat - you look stunning.

People still ask me if im still diet for 2 reasons

1 - they are raging they are still fat

2 - they are skinny and dont know what a diet is all about.


I've got the power
thank you Ally, you're so kind.

I'd put all the bbig clothes in a pile to donate to the charity shop, that's why they were still about - no intention of wearing them again!

I think people might ask you if you're still dieting because of number 3 - they want to check you're not going 'too far' lol

sorry bout the rant I feel all emotional - probably PMT - Post Man Trauma LOL


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to get to a ten is brilliant.. tbh i think any man would do the same when it comes to washing clothes. i dont think they are thinking about the clothes more like gettin it over and done with. you shouldnt feel bad about yourself after how well you have done!!!!
Ye hun thats true I suppose some people are genuine - im a very suspicious person I always think people are trying to sabatage me - especially the skinny:D


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dnt be ridiculous i think you should think yourself lucky your man knows where the washing machine is!!!!!!!! maybe you should try counciling instead of more dieting as it seems to be your mind set that need attension as you look fabulous x
My OH puts my daughters size 10/12 knickers in our room when he sorts the clean washing out .......... I hold them up and ask him if he honestly thinks I can get my size 16 butt into them ... and he looks at me confused ... conversely he does the same with my size 16 stuff to my daughter sometimes. Don't take it to heart!!!


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My OH puts my daughters size 10/12 knickers in our room when he sorts the clean washing out .......... I hold them up and ask him if he honestly thinks I can get my size 16 butt into them ... and he looks at me confused ... conversely he does the same with my size 16 stuff to my daughter sometimes. Don't take it to heart!!!
lol brilliant example!! :D


Gone fishing
My DH wouldn't have a clue either. It's nothing personal, just not a man thing.
And when I saw my sister-in-law on monday, she asked if I was still on the diet. I'm still fat I must be
Aww. You're having a bad day aren't you :( People still ask me if I'm on 'the diet'. Think I would have disappeared by now if I was :D
You have done so well, you really need to see for yourself how you really look and how well you have done.

Your husband getting the large clothes is really not anything to worry about, last year my oh, bless him, brought me some undies and good lord, they were a size 12 :eek: I weighed 20 stone at that point, I just asked him which butt cheek would he like me to put them on :giggle: , he really did not have any idea and when I asked him my bra size he just stood there with is hands out, and no way do I have the melons he was indicating. :brainfart:

What you should do if you want reassurance is, before you get rid of your fat clothes, have a fashion show using them and show him and more importantly see yourself how much you have lost, take some pictures with the clothes hanging off you. You cannot always see the real you until you see a picture. You will be so shocked at how small you now are.

Take care of yourself and please look into the counselling thing it could help. :hug99:


I've got the power
You're right about the counselling you know, I thought I'd left all that behind but clearly not! :( stupid gremlin that it is.

LOL Flirty and Lisa BB, that's sooo funny, I wonder what they do see when they look at us? Although your partners at least do it the other way around (smaller than you are not bigger)!

Right anyway all the big clothes have now GONE, gone for good I say!
Well done SW - at least you can see you are not the only one. Lisa BB made a really good suggestion re fashion show and taking some photos to SHOW how much you've lost. Plus if you can get one leg in some of the clothes ... he can join you!!!


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ha. i really think he just didnt consider it. my OH just grabs what looks 'familiar' so if there's a top that he's seen a lot he'll assume i still wear it. even if i haven't worn it for six months he'll see something and think 'abi likes that, i've seen her wearing it a lot' only to discover that i now think it's hideous and it's too big!! don't worry babes. it sounds to me like he's always just seen you as you, and not noticed your size when you got big. if that's the case, he might not be too aware as you get small. he loves you for who you are obviously. not the size you are... and that can work both ways :D

abz xx
Washing on the line

If it makes you feel any better.....my boyfriend once hung out a load of dry clothes that I'd already brought in earlier instead of the wet stuff in the machine that I'd asked him to hang out whilst I was out!

I think this shows that they just want to get the job out of the way and aren't thinking about what's at the end of their darling noses!


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Great example, Beverley, mine does exactly that too! Blokes is blokes - nuff said!

As for your sister, she probably meant it in a "please tell me you're not still dieting as you've obviously lost enough" kind of way. I got that all the time from family the first time I did this diet and got down to a size 10 - they've gone quiet now that I'm back up to a 16 though!!!


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In my experience guys are quite blinkered. I once thought he had gone off me cos I was fat. Turns out he thought I had gone off him and he hadn't even noticed the extra weight. Work that one out! Love yourself it gives everyone else a pattern to follow x

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