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head not in the game....

Don't know what is wrong with me today but i feel like when i get weighed on Monday that i will not have lost weight as i feel so bloated..Monday.. i hear you say ....... yes i know it is 4 days away but i feel like i have failed aleady..... and now i'm in the mentality that if i have failed i might as well go have a chocolate binge. I have stuck to plan, so not sure why i feel like a faliure. I'm not gonna give into the chocolate but can't understand why i'm feeling like this....... i'm in a self destuctive mind set (dietwise) just keep thinking of eating bad food... HELP!!!!!!!
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I feel like that also today. It takes alot for me not to give in because in my head im saying " well ur not going to lose weight this week anyway so u mite aswel have a few extra syns....." How much have u lost so far?


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Oh i can see quite a bit! well ive lost about 5 and half pounds in 4 weeks and so i weigh items of food to remind me how much it is. For example 5 cans of beans is how much of lost and when i pick it up i think " god how did i not notice that!"


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What have you been spending your syns on?

Look at how well you have done in a short space of time. Hopefully that should spur you on.

Just had another thought, is it TOTM that could be why you are wanting to eat more.
I have lost 9lb in 3 weeks, which i'm realy happy about, was star week last week, so have no excuse for feeling like this, i have used my syns on chocolate today to help get rid of this feeling, but i'm not gonna brake the plan cos i know it will be a slippey road to self distuction if i do. i just feel lost today .........


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Come on Hun! It's February and it's the most depressing time of the year. You've lost an impressive amount of weight, well done! So your body has gone into panic mode! ( water retention? Wind :eek:? If you stick in there you will be rewarded with another good loss on monday. And what ever you do, DON'T get on the scales!
FWIW I am on my 5th week now and I felt awful and very bloated on and like nothing was goign right the week after my star week and then something just shifted the day before WI and I felt a lot better and much more normal and happy. I think that sometimes our bodies do different things to the normal and my star week (ie the week I retain water and feel generally bleugh) isn't actually my "star" week if that makes sense.