Head screwed on again. I can do this!!!

Discussion in 'General Weight Loss Discussion' started by KD, 27 December 2007 Social URL.

  1. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    ..........that makes all common sense go out of the window?

    Yes...eaten way too much of the beige food. Don't feel guilty, just confused.:confused:

    I now feel really sluggish and tired. Bloated and 'muggy'.

    Nope. Didn't manage to IE over Christmas. Didn't eat just when hungry. Didn't stop when satisfied. Certainly didn't chose foods according to what I wanted, just what I presumed I wanted.

    Can't wait to start eating normally again and getting some energy back.
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  3. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    Can't wait to join you! Have done all of the above and then some! It's weird isn't it? You think your head is in a safe place then it breaks out and goes potty!

    I have eaten a vast array of chocolate/shortbread/stuffing - not together, I'm not completely mad! I have also drunk a vat of champagne (no regrets, it was lovely) and if I'd had any babycham KD, I would have put a slug of brandy in and drunk to you!

    Having said that, it's been great, it is what happens after all and it doesn't mean that good habits can't be re-established after all the madness!!

    I didn't expect to be as bad as I have, but I'm not beating myself up about it, after all it's only me and about 98% of the rest of the Uk, so I'm not alone being a piggy!

    I know that the next few days will probably be fairly naughty too but thats ok, come the 2nd of Jan the rest of ' my fabulous new life challenge' commences and it's going to be great. Whats a few extra lbs to knock off in the great scheme of things?

    Here's to a happy and healthy 2008!!

  4. Eileen

    Eileen likes posting.

    Slimming world.
    I wish i knew as i have done the same, i feel fat & bloated. I gave myself a good talking too before i dragged myself out of bed this morning.No chocolate today be sensible. well that lasted about 1 hour.I think what i need too do is eat all the chocolate & get it out of the way.:eatdrink051::party0051::argh:
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Indeed:confused: One thing I'm doing very differently this year though. I'm not having a starting day to get back on track with making good choices.

    I'm living now. This is my day, minute, hour. I don't have to continue to self-destruct just because it's Thursday 27th December. My body doesn't know that. It thinks it's just a normal day and will gain and lose whatever I put into it.

    There's still a load of food left, and I'll probably eat a fair bit of it, but that's up to me. I'm not going to make my choices according to the day. Each time I eat whether it's Dec or Jan, it's up to me what I want to eat, what I decide is best for me. Whether I want to feed myself crap and take the consequences, or feed what my body wants and feel well and energetic again.

    If I have a starting day, then I'll probably have a stop day too. I don't want to go back into that pattern. I'm pretty sure I'll make some dumb choices over the next few days but that's my choice and hopefully I'll gradually get back into tuning in each time I chose to eat :)

    That's the plan anyway :D
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  6. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Very well said :clap:
  7. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Cheers DQ.

    Tell you something (that I'm sure we all know:rolleyes:), knowing the answers is a damn slight easier than applying them.

    I'm still not chosing a day to start, but making sensible choices seems not to have clicked just yet:confused:

    Breakfast: M&S toffee apple and blackberry porridge. Very nice. Usually make my own porridge, but thought I'd have it for a change. Not a bad choice at all

    Lunch: Go to get veg soup out of fridge. Have to move cheesecake, mini mince pies, double cream and brandy butter to get to it.

    Eat cheesecake, mini minces, dc and bb, put veg soup back.

    Ummm. Come on KD...you can do better than that. Didn't use 'pause'. Didn't think about it (well...maybe a second or two). Didn't chose what would make me feel better in the long run.

  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Yesterday didn't turn out too bad after all. Had the cheesecake etc etc for lunch. Missed out on the veg soup because I wasn't hungry. Did a bit of crooked thinking about how I would die without my veggies so I should have it anyway, but decided against.

    Went until dinnertime when I felt hungry again. Did a 'pause' to be sure. Decided on pizza and chips:rolleyes: with salad. Seriously missing some normal food in our freezer at the moment:eek:

    Dished up pizza, salad. Took chips out of fryer and ate one. Yum. Decided that the first one was always the best so any after that wouldn't be as good.

    Would it be worth it putting my portion on the plate to accompany the pizza? I had only prepared a small amount, but decided that I'm not that person anymore. Not the one that eats because it's there, so DS2 and DH got slightly more and I just kept to the one chip that I took before dishing up.

    Midnight: I have a box of thortons chocs beside me. Should I have one because it's my birthday. Yep...it will be nice. Yep, I think I can now manage just the one (but maybe not).

    Went for the pause again. I could have it if I wanted. I could finish the whole box if I wanted. My choice. Decided that I'd give it a miss for the moment, then promptly forgot about them :clap:

    Might have one or two today though :D
  9. Barb

    Barb Gold Member

    Healthy eating/Food diary
    It's interesting what you said about the 'start day' becasue the same things have been coasting through my mind, about the same time as the chocolate marzipans actually. Although I have kind of set this whole 2nd of Jan thing in my diary I am also thinking that I canb actually start(or not) whenever i like, that it is still all my choice. What I think I cannot allow for is the impact of having a housefull of goodies that keep calling my name!
    I also have not told you of the great Thorntons disaster. I ordered 6 boxes of chocs as pressies online, they didn't turn up so I checked with thorntons who could find no record of the order, so I went in the shop and bought them. Then on Christmas Eve they turned up! Emailed Thorntons and they said to enjoy the extra boxes with their compliments! Well, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it!!!!
  10. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Oh..ummm. Enjoy :D That'll last you a couple of years;)

    Right. Got to tell you my news. Concerned that it might sound a little insensitive towards a couple of very brave members:eek: I'm so pleased though I'm sure, but it'll just confirm your belief that I am indeed barmy:eek:

    Got seen by a junior doctor this morning. ECG, blood tests etc. She then asked me to strip waist up. Decided that I wouldn't do the normal apology for the state of my stomach...explaining how it got that way. I mustn't keep doing that! So I kept quiet.

    She prodded and poked. Checking the size of my liver (she said), though I'm pretty sure she wanted to see if she could deflate my lungs by pushing it up enough. Then she felt the pulse in my groin:eek: Didn't like that either:sigh:

    Anyway, she didn't look horrified when she saw me half naked. When excess skin isn't bad, it can be a little hard to know what sort of condition it is. The last time I was slim, I was in my teens and my stomach/boobs don't look anything like they did then:eek:

    So, time to get dressed and answer loads of questions.

    Dr: Any recent weightloss?
    Me: Well...not recent, but I did lose 8 stone a couple of years ago if that counts.
    Dr: (picking jaw up from floor) 8 Stone!!!!????!!
    Me: Well yes:eek: (wondering why she looked so shocked)
    Dr: But you would expect at least a little excess skin after a loss like that.
    Me: :confused::confused:
    Me: You don't think I have much?

    Okay...That does sound weird. I just can't tell because it wasn't bad.

    Dr: No, not at all:confused:
    Me: Okay....so you really don't have to be kind. I have no intention of wearing a bikini. My excess skin is my war wound. I'm kinda of proud of it! You can be 100% honest with me.
    Dr: Sorry, but I didn't notice anything different compared to other slim ladies your weight.

    Oh gosh!! I was so surprised! How come I'm so lucky!
  11. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    Maybe you DID have some when you lost weight originally, but it's cheekily shrunk back very slowly when you weren't looking?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY by the way!
  12. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining

    Very possibly. I don't look at myself very often :D

    BTW, she asked me how I was maintaining, and I told her that I was doing 'intuitive eating'. She had never heard of it, so I explained. I ended with "you know....like normal people eat:rolleyes:"

    Well....Miss Junior Doctor aka Miss Body Beautiful 2007 said "oh, I don't do that. I eat until I'm in pain, then as soon as the pain is gone I eat again. I spend 90% of my life in pain". She giggled. I so wanted to call her a rude name :D

    Cheers Dom, and when my family stop wanting to use me as a taxi driver, I might get to open my cards and watch the film I had planned :D
  13. IreneH

    IreneH Gold Member

    Loved to hear your conversation with the dr. And hope your day is going well

    Irene xx
  14. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Thanks. It's an excellent day :) Feel very relaxed:cool:
  15. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    Hmmm, sounds like my little sister, who, when I texted her to tell her I had (temporarily) grown out of my skinny jeans, in formed me she has lost 3 lbs over christmas, when I KNOW she has eaten her own weight in chocolate! COW!!!!!
  16. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    :eek: How thoughtless :D She could have at least put on a couple of pounds to be kind to sis.

    I suggest you tell her she looks like she's put on. That'll shut her up :D
  17. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Ive just typed out a massive post and lost the buddy lot, upshot is, I hope your day is still ace, Im so pleased at what the docter said, and although I feel like sh%t I didnt eat chocolate till 5pm!!

    One again happy birthday to a brill lady x
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  19. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Well done on the choccy front V. Hope you are feeling more yourself today!

    I was dead chuffed about what the doctor said. I knew it wasn't bad or anything, but haven't been able to compare it with other non-dieters my age. Can hardly go around asking people to flash their midriffs when you feel like it.

    I don't look at myself often, but DH said I didn't have a problem, but then he's not a great judge;)

    Yesterday wasn't too bad. Was 'mindful' and all that for most of the day and ate little.

    Sort of lost the plot by the evening. Did the dinner. Ate when hungry, stopped when satisfied...then found the shortbread and brandy:eek:

    Okay, I could use the excuse that it was my birfday. No harm in having too much on a special day, but I think when you have a history of making very creative excuses, you have to be a little more careful. Especially when you've just had the 'excuse' of Christmas. Don't feel guilty or anything negative. Just got to be aware of what I'm doing.

    Did I tell you that I'm having my gallbladder out soon? DH says I have to have some time off work. He says I'm not as young as I was:confused: Stoopid man:mad: :D

    Headteacher says I mustn't come back and must rest:mad: (Another stoopid man):rolleyes:

    Did some extra hours before Christmas, and will do an extra week before the op, then will have 6 days free. Okay, I'm supposed to have 14 days, but I think 6 is plenty. When I had my ear op, I was supposed to have 6 weeks off, but went back 3 days later. Don't think I should have done that in hindsight, but 6 days will be plenty for this.

    Head says 14 days and I'm not welcome back until then:eek: He's taken my security key:eek: but I can still do my self-employed job. I'll be at home....I'll be fine :clap:
  20. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Oh KD, you cheer me up so much, Im confused though, Im now talking to you on 2 threads, birthday and here, ah well, just to let you know I am having a strange day, I am eating cottage cheese and ryvitas, why, because I want them!!! OMG scary diddly do!!!
  21. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    PS, and no chocolate at all today!!!
  22. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    Teehee. Funny that. I remember thinking that I would never prefer to eat healthier foods. I still always give myself the choice, but usually the healthy stuff is what I really want.

    Take this morning. I really wanted [strike]mince pies with clotted cream[/strike] [​IMG], [strike]profiteroles with double cream[/strike] [​IMG], spinach and eggs :D
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