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Headache already??


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Im on day 1 and so far I've had one shake and one pint of water and I've already got a headache??? Surely it can't be diet related? If it is I can't do this...

This is going to be so hard. I'm already thinking non-stop about food and there is no way I can avoid it as I have two little children to feed.

I have 2.5 stone to lose and am hoping to get the bulk of it gone in about 6 weeks on SS.

Can anyone advise how much water is too much. I tend to drink a lot of water anyway so shouldn't have a problem getting the 4 pints but am concerned I'll go over that and then have too much.

Wish me luck. I feel this is the last chance to lose this weight and be happy with my body again.
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You CAN do this

I have two children to feed so thats no excuse (without sounding hard lol)

Headaches can start from anything day 1-7 ive seen on here..

First few days can be sheer hell..not gonna lie!

This diet is extreme BUT will give you the fast results you want.

Stick with it.... you WILL see the results

Go into this with a positive frame of mind...otherwsie you'll bale out and still be the weight your at now ;)

Your choice

Best of luck to you xxx


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Thanks. I was really positive about this all week and this morning. And I actually quite like the shakes! But getting a headache has put me in a bad mood!! I know I just need to grin and bear the first few days and hope I can do it.
I agree, you have to attack this with a positive head on.
It is just a headache... take a couple of paracetamol and another big drink of water, then in 2 hrs if it is still there take two ibruprofen and so on.
If losing weight was easy we would all be skinny minkies I think. The way I approached it was to say "Right, I am going to feel pants for the first 3-4 days, then it is going to be fantastic, and it was!
Six weeks on SS could see you lose a stone and a half, maybe a bit more. But you have to stick to it 100%. If you do there is no way it can fail... you can't have 415kcal a day and not lose weight.
I made a little word table with 3 boxes for each day, so 21 across the week, as I had every meal I ticked them off (I put 3 months worth on my table). It was a great visual incentive as you see those boxes being ticked off.
I also gave myself a good talking to before I started and actually worked out how many weeks it had taken me in total to put all that weight on, I then figured 10 weeks (that was time I had until my hols) was nothing. I lost 2 and a half stone in 10 weeks. You CAN do it!!!!
If it helps try to make stuff for the kids that you don't like... for the next two days at least.
Good Luck!

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