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Headache and vision problem help

Hi all,

This is my fourth day on the Cambridge Diet and I'm having some horrible symptons. Yesterday and today I'm getting zigzag patterns in my vision which last for about 30 minutes, followed by a blinding headache and sick feeling. It was so bad yesterday I had to leave work early. It cleared after I lay down with my eyes closed for an hour or so. Today, I have the same thing again.

I've drunk 2 litres of water already today and now I'm on my second 2 litre bottle.

I don't normally suffer with headaches so this is very new to me.

Can anyone give me some advice on this please. Is this just my body adapting to the change in diet and can I expect it to stop soon?

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i love minimins me :)
hey hun

i felt exactly like u did lst week (days 3 and 4) but then it went away, i felt like a had a 'cotton wool' head and felt like i would collpase if i walked anywhere to even get some tablets

it will pass hun

welcome to the board hun :) and good luck with cd, i look forward to reading about ur losses



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Hey Jules.....!! sounds like you're getting some crazy carb/sugar withdrawl there!!

Dearie me...not nice is it?

Your body is a bit upset with you just now....you've stopped giving it carbs which is what it normally runs on and it's having a hard time adjusting to the new way to get energy...via your fat!!!

Hang on for another day or 2 and it'll be all gone and hopefully you'll have a nice clear head, be super alert and feel generally rather great!! Ketosis is a nice thing, eventhough it gives you funny breath!

Be nice to yourself...bed nice and early. Lots of WATER!! this will help with the crazy lines and headache you see.

Feel better soon.....think of your first weigh in!!



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Hopefully it will be gone within the next couple of days.....before if you are lucky. Take your usual painkillers and drink plenty of water......Honestly it does pass.


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I think this is a migraine type headache, the symptoms sound like my friends and i think if it has not cleared up today please go to the doctors for a quick check.
Hi there, I'd agree with LEJ, I get migraines with the visual distortion. Lots of things can trigger them but if you take soluable aspirin as soon as you get the flashing lights then the headache shouldn't follow or shouldn't be very bad.

Hope this helps.
Thanks very much

Thanks everyone. I had to leave work and come home, took to my bed for an hour and I feel much better now. My counsellor said it sounded like a combination of dehydration and carb withdrawal so I'm going to see how it goes tomorrow. I really don't want to give up on the diet so I'm hoping it will be better and the worst has passed.

I think I'm drinking loads but I realised I'm not going to the loo any more than normal - so maybe I'm not drinking enough.

Thanks for all your advice and encouragement.


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