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Headache & BP question please


has started again!!
I posted a week or so ago about a mega headache I was suffering. Well, its back with a vengeance. I am not sure why. I feel very shaky, almost teary, and my tum feels a bit nauseous too.

Last week at my gp (when I asked to go on the pill at the grand age of 43!) my BP was slightly elevated (altough he did not tell me the figures). He asked if it had been normal throughout my LL checks, which I confirmed it had. (Mind you, he would know if they didnt charge for these check ups..he was so chuffed I had lost 6 stone, no thanks to anyone else...but thats another rant!) He said if it was normally that level he would not have given the pill, but trusted me to be sensible and to report back my next BP check results. I am very nervous of GP visits, so it is entirely possible that nerves sent the BP up anyway.

Today I had it checked by the lovely lady at Lloyds, who always does it. The first reading was 141/83, with a pulse of 60, she tested again (although no need to ) and the reading was 137/91, with a pulse of 62. She said she had no concerns at all as they were both at the high end of normal, ie not a worry. Also the machine did keep beeping "error" and she said it could have been a bit touchy!

I am wondering if the headache is just one of those things, or if I need to be concerned? The only I have done differently lately is to re-introduce coffee into my daily diet. I do not enjoy black coffee, but recently discovered that with one sweetener in, I find it quite palatable. I have never had sugar or whatever in my tea & coffee before. My husband thinks that the coffee could be causing the headaches, as my body is more used to running on water and green mint tea nowadays.

I used to get lots of headaches, almost daily in my pre LL days. I put it down to the junk I was filling myself with. I drank lots and lots of coffee then, and also found the headaches worse if I had a choco-fest, which was a fairly frequent occurance.

i wold really value any input or thoughts you may have. My crooked thoughts are telling me the wobbly feeling and the headaches are because I need to eat normally again......
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Hi Sez,

I was very much like you with coffee, I drank loads before, got the headaches especially after chocolate binges and can't stand it black.

A couple of weeks ago I had MacDonalds black coffee and then a couple of hours later a black tea at a work meeting. I felt like I was going to die, I went all dizzy, shaky and sick, had to go and sit on the loo in the ladies for about half an hour. After a couple of hours I felt a bit better.

I could only put it down to the drinks, so things can have a strange effect.

Hope you feel better soon.


has started again!!
Thanks Claire. I think I am going to avoid the coffee for a while and gauge the results.

Speaking as a queen of headaches (!) absolutely caffeine can have a strong effect, especially if you're not used to it. And the shaky feeling is a classic. You get caffeine in ordinary tea too so you might want to be careful about the amount of caffeine you take in (maybe try decaff coffee if you're enjoying it?)

Hope you feel better soon.
Sez - it's got to be the coffee. Take it out and see what happens.
I drink gallons of coffee and always have. A lot of my friends think it's quite bad that LL allow it, but I couldn't be anymore grateful. I actually believe I defy medical science with my seemingly immune response to caffeine! I have one before bed and sleep like a baby! Similarly Red Bull and all things like that have never had any impact on me either. Not that anything like that is being consumed just now, but in this instance it does sound like the caffeine is having a major impact on you.

Let us know how you get on :)
I am not a coffee drinker but it does look like that the coffee is the culprit.

Have you tried decaf coffee and see if it makes a difference?
Hi Sez

I only drink decaf coffee now as normal coffee makes me feel exactly like you did.

Give it a try, I actually enjoy drinking it black!!


has started again!!
Thanks again everyone. Have had a day without caffeine at all (unless green tea has any? NO idea?) Have a bad head right now, but I think its stress related.

Lost both my children in town after school today, got very very very upset! (Losing one is not good, but two is just plain careless) I really blew my stack at my 13 year old "sensible" son when I finally caught up with them. It didnt help that there was torrential rain at the time, and although I returned twice to the arranged meeting place, and also walked to and from the car park countless times, I could not find them at all. I could not shelter as felt they might pass unobserved, and was literally soaked to the skin when reunited. (No rain earlier hence no coats!)

So, as mentioned, I suspect it is a delayed stress headache.I am going to buy a BP monitor from LLoyds this weekend too, so I can check on it myself at home. I know that LL wont take my own reading, but I will be happier.
There is caffeine in green tea - but not much so I can't think it's that.

You probably ought to see your GP - they don't like sudden unexplained and persistant headaches. Just don't let him/her fob you off by saying it's the diet without looking into anything else.

Poor you. Hope you feel better soon.

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