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  1. TomTom86

    TomTom86 Full Member

    Well I'm guessing a raging headache is something that I should know about. Really really bad too. Can hardly keep my eyes open, still going to work and keep active is the key. Everything in my body was telling me to ring in sick because to be quite fair I have never had a headache this bad before.

    The awesomeness of being on a diet. Haha
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  3. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    I feel your pain bro! Take 2 paracetamols NOW with a pint of water and see if that helps. Remember to drink loads as this is your body detoxing... so water will help with that.
    Hoping it goes soon and you manage ok at work.
    Lou :)
  4. A1000

    A1000 Banned

    I LwYs found getting headaches was a sign of being dehydrated.....but could also be a sign of carb or caffeine withdrawal! Hope you feel better soon
  5. TomTom86

    TomTom86 Full Member

    Someone somewhere said its a sign if ketosis. I won't be dehydrated because I drink enough of water not to be.

    Seriously bad though. Everything is telling me to give in and eat but I refuse.

    Just when u get home tonight I will go to bed x
  6. Louloubellehoney

    Louloubellehoney Gold Member

    Yes like I said... detoxing and yes will be ketosis kicking in.
  7. TomTom86

    TomTom86 Full Member

    Just thought I would let you all know I am feeling better after my disolvable asprin I had.

    Hope it hasn't effected my diet, I chose them because I would still be having a drink of water.

    Still going strong, about to have my last shake of the day at work then its water for the rest of the night x
    Thanks for the support guys n gals
  8. like_a_feather

    like_a_feather Thinking Thin!

    Water is the key. As Lou said when we detox from carbs and caffeine it really produces awful headaches. It lasted me until about day 3. Just drink as much as you can and it will honestly pass :)
  9. TomTom86

    TomTom86 Full Member

    I am at the end of day 3. I am fine now. I actually feel pretty good, not hungry and I am playing football 5-a-side tonight. I am actually looking forward to it.

    I would just like to thank you all again for helping me through a difficult day. The words of assurances help a lot.

    Thank You
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