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This is my 3rd day and im ok with apart from the headaches, i have been drinking between 2-3 litres of water on top of shakes but cant stand black tea, going to get some peppermint tea for choco shake and get warmed up too, i am bloody freezing.
i cant shift the headaches tho, will it pass?
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rainbow brite

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First time around I suffered horribly from headaches for the first week. It's usually down to carb withdrawal and sucks hugely but will pass. I was popping paracetamol and rubbing my 4Head stick on several times an hour but I got through it and so will you hun.


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Yes i have suffered headaches , but just been drinking more water and it has seemed to have helped , i have take the next 2 days off work too as i have been having a sneaky afternoon snooze to when i have a Bad head so hopefully by wednesday that will be day 5 of LT i shloud be ok ..plus i only workl till 12 on a wednesday ha ha !!

it aint easy

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i find more water helped alot ... make sure to sip it through out the day thou not all in one go ..