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Health check after LT...

I finished LT nearly 2 months ago. Went for a health check yesterday and got a clean bill of health. Liver function - normal. Thyroid - normal. Body fat - NORMAL.
I have always been healthy (apart from being morbidly obese) and it is a relief to have definite proof that LT did not cause any physical problems.
I was on LT for 8 months and lost 7 stone. I stopped when my BMI reached 24. I have put on 5lbs since I came off tfr but now I am maintaining at around 9st (BMI=25).

So, to all you who are just starting, or still on the journey: Keep going, it is soooo worth it.
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WOW its so nice to hear from someone who has done the diet especially when every now and then someone who doesnt know about lt post the thread that the diet is unhealthy
can i ask if you dont mind did you stick to lt totally for the 8mths did you tell anyone what you weher doing if so where they supportive

your story is very inspiring considering i have maybe another 3 1/2 stone to loose

well done
How have you kept the weight down .. may I ask.. I am going onto maintanance soon and am terrified I will put it back on... I really wanna stay my new weight!
I stuck to it 100% for the whole 8 months. My losses were quite low in comparison to a lot of people who do LT (around 2lbs per week).
I told my family and some of my friends. Most were supportive but cautious/skeptical and did not think it was a healthy thing to do. (I took great delight in letting them know the result of my health check).
When I was still in the obese range I started getting the comments "You've lost enough now".
Since I have come off the diet, I do look healthier (not so gaunt) and my skin is slowly shrinking, hopefully in another couple of months it will fit me again.

You are doing really well, before you know it you will be half way and then its downhill all the way to the end. Some of your weekly losses are huge, that has to be very inspiring for you.
Well done angie, great to hear from people who have lost that amount of weight and able to tell the tale later!! Great positive attitude for us all, thanks for sharing and glad to hear ya are maintaining. All the best chick
ThinnerLu, follow the refeed to the letter. After that, eat in moderation. Boring but true.
I am now a vegetarian and choose healthy options mostly but I do occasionally indulge in the odd chocolate. And if I do have a day where I overindulge, I just cut back a bit the next day or two. So far it is working for me.
Hi Witchie, Congratulations on your amazing achievement you must be so proud and I bet you look amazing now.

It is great to hear that you are so healthy and I am sure it will put so many people's minds at rest to know that being on LT for so long is not detrimental to health.

Good luck for the future and keep popping in to let us know how you are doing - you are an inspiration to us all. You have already made my day by saying that your weekly losses were small because mine have been too, so I know now that I am not alone.

Pearly x


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:eek:Thats an amazing loss and well done to you.:eek: You must be so proud and delighted with yourself.:cool:
Great to hear ur in great shape. I love these happy success stories:D
well done hun thats an amazing achievement hope i can maintain as well as you xx


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Angie that is excellent news!

Well done on your wonderful achievement:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
That's great Angie, and well done for maintaining, I'm thinking that is going to be the hardest part!