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healthy breakfast ideas for my ds

My daughter is 4 and the only thing she will eat for breakfast is banana, with an occasional accompaniment of an organic cereal bar. The other one is 6 and she only ever eats weetabix. I think you are doing pretty well!!! :D
I swear one day my DS will look like a bowl of porridge! He has it EVERY day! He will eat lots of other stuff, just always comes back to good old porridge!


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Every day, without fail, my ds has two slices of toast cut into soldiers with 2 fried eggs!
But as he cooks it himself i'm not complaining, just wish he would vary it!


Big, busty and Blowsy!
Darling Son!
Or Dd= darling daughter!

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Thanks everyone, I forgot about porridge might give it a go now the weather is getting yucky...

He loves eggs but can't give him that every day.

There aren't many brekkie cereals that aren't high in sugar/salt. May also try mini weetabix & shreddies for variation x


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Mine get all sorts, sometimes they eat it, sometimes they don't, sometimes its super healthy stuff, sometimes it isn't. The thing I always say to them is it is about balance, you can't live on unhealthy things all the time, you have to balance it with healthy. My 6 year old now gets that, and even says she won't eat XXX today as she needs to eat some fruit etc. The thing I've tried to avoid is making food an issue. My eating habits are warped by my childhood of being forced to clear my plate, regardless of if I was hungry or not. My nephew is the worst eater in the world because he found he could use it as a means of manipulation against his mum.

At two, I would say that you can guide him, give him healthy choices but, don't make food a battle ground.

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