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Healthy Extra B and a few tips!


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I started SW about a month ago now and have lost 6lb, however im finding it more and more difficult as the days go on :(. Im enjoying my meals however the amount I crave chocolate is unbelieavle, i think its through habit before SW I would eat it everyday aswell as plenty of biscuits with my cuppa! Does anyone have any tips on how to beat this, I really am determined to lose these pounds and get to a weight where I feel happy!.
I was wondering if anyone also has any ideas on what cereals are considered Healthy Option B, at the mo im having banana and mullerlight yoghurt but really fancy some cereal.
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There are LOADS of cereals which are HExBs. Have a look online, in the healthy extra update bit! Millions- though in our house we're partial to Weetabix (2), Oat Crisp (28g) and Oat so simple (1 original sachet).

Though to curb your choc cravings you can always have Kellgg's fibre plus bars (1 for a HExB), or alpen lights (2 for a HExB)- and then use your syns for the rest! Mikado are only 0.5syn each & most treatsize chocs are between 3-5 syns. :)
If you stick a choc fudge alpen light in the microwave for 30 secs and then let it cool for a minute so it gets hard again its quite a satisfying chocolatey treat. The choc melts and smells amazing (apparently half the chocolate craving comes from the smell of choc - who knew!) and the texture is chewier and more satisfying as well. you can have two of these as a healthy b, its what I use for a treat if I'm trying to have a no syn day
Plus, you can always have some real chocolate and syn it! Don't deprive yourself if you really crave something or you'll just fall off the wagon in a bad way and beat yourself up about it.

Low syn choc in my cupboard: fun size ripple (4.5 syns), 2 finger dark choc kitkats (5.5 syns) and fun size mint aeros (6 syns). You can still have chocolate every day if you manage your syns properly and you will lost weight. Promise!:)


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Thankyou everyone thats great help, the alpen sounds soo nice going to try that at some point! This morning I had the nicest breakfast ever, handful of bran flakes, chopped banana on top, little bit of milk and a vanilla and choc sprinkled muller light yoghurt, I was then craving it at work! I have a little routine each night...cuppa with a kit kat ha, but im used to eating giant bars of galaxy! Been shopping tonight and bought lots of fruit, ryvita minis and savoury rice for dinners at work. Hopefully lose something this week after my 1/2lb gain last week!

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