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Healthy extras and breastfeeding (Ive tried asking in the relevant forum I promise!)


Want to lose a stone!
But no ones replied and I need to know today because I dont want to go over.

Fully breastfeeding a 4 month old baby.

Dieting for 6 days but doing it wrong, not enough hex's by far! So this morning I go and buy low fat cheddar, low fat triangles, and muller lights.

So today Ive had milk - hex a,
Chedder with lunch - hex a
2 alpen bars - hex b

(Ive had other food Im just picking out my hexs)

But then I had a muller light do I need to count this in as a hex too? I know its a free food but its also yoghurt and dont want to end up going over my hex's.

Thanks, Ive been asking questions in the breastfeeding section but no ones about and I searched titles and threads I even Googled but to no avail.
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Hello sorry ur not getting replies & Im afraid I don't know much about SW let alone SW & breastfeeding. Mullerlights r free on both plans as far as I know.
I made the magic porridge for breakfast & it's great. 28g porridge oats mixed into a mullerlight, covered & left in fridge over night. Def kept me fuller for longer today. I really hope someone is along soon to help u out x


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The muller lights always count as free. Which day are you following? On red or green days you have 2hea and 2heb regardless of whether or not you are breast feeding. I believe but am not 100% sure that while breast feeding on ee you get 2hea and 2 heb, while on the other days i have no idea what you would have.


Want to lose a stone!
Hi ya Im doing the extra easy. The leaflet is confusing it says for my babies age I should have 6 hex. And 3-4 should be a's.

But then people keep telling me I only get 3 hexs?


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Personally I would go by what your book says. The thing you do find with sw is that they wont always give set amounts of what you MUST have each day, they will say to do whats best for you. If you need the full amount have it, if you dont need it one day, have less. It wont be set in stone.

Do you go to class? If you do give your consultant a ring or text. Dont be afraid to, its what youre paying for after all.


Want to lose a stone!
I wasnt sure if I should call her actually, I wasnt sure if we were allowed.

I started last tuesday but out usual leader was away so there was a stand in so we were rushed and left a little confused.


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Sarah23fly said:
Wow! I'll doing that tonight because it sounds lush. I dont have my answer but I do have new tip and new breakfast so, thank you!
I can't wait for breakfast tmrw it was delicious :)
I made it with a strawberry mullerlight but going to try vanilla tmrw.
There is a sticky thread for those breast feeding and doing slimming world on the main board that you should find useful.

If your baby is 4 months and you are exclusively breastfeeding then you should be having 6 healthy extras a day. Which can be a mixture of a's and b's.

Are you going to a meeting or doing it online? Either way read read and read through all the documentation/info and familiarize yourself with the health extras. They are all listed, sp if it isn't on the list it isn't a health extra. Your healthy extra daily allowance will change as you wean/baby gets older.

Good luck