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Healthy extras


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Because they're lower in fibre and higher in sugar. You can still have them but you have to count it as syns. If you buy puffed wheat (with no sugar) 28g is a huuuuge bowlful. 28g isn't a lot, but it's easy to eat a lot of calories with cereals, that's why its limited. Try adding fruit to bulk it out.
Because the HEX's are around 100 cals each and that's how many cals are in 28g's.


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I have a Mullerlight yogurt with my cereal instead of milk - larger portion of food in the morning and it saves my HExA for later!


I have my 28g of cereal (not much is it!!) and have it with chopped banana and free yoghurt instead of milk, so it ends up being quite filling in the end.


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I sometimes have allbran, you get 42g and mix it with low fat fromage frais and chopped banana, lovely! And you won't be hungry till lunch.


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It's definitely worth investigating non-cereal options which are generally much more filling. Cornflakes and frosties are dreadful, if you're at all sensitive to sugar they give you a massive crash an hour or so after eating, leading to being ravenous.

Weetabix is quite good as far as cereal goes, you can have (I think) 2 weetabix for 1 HEB, chop up a banana and add milk, lovely! And ridiculously filling. I (who can easily eat two great big bowls of crunchy nut chocolate clusters in quick succession) can never even finish it...

A nice poached egg, some lean bacon and a couple of slices from a 400g loaf (1HEB) plus a yoghurt and/or a piece of fruit is another nice big breakfast, or if you can't face cooking how about a more "continental" style cold meat and cheese (a couple of very thin slices of something nice like Emmenthal weighed as an HEA) platter thingy?


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Yeah 60g is an A choice on all plans and a B choice on green!

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