Healthy option B or syn?


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I'm new to this and going it alone from home so any help is appreciated!

I've bought some muller light (syn free variety) but I usually add a small amount of granola for a bit of crunch. The granola I have is 'The Foodie market (Aldi) Tangy cranberry and almond oatbran granola'. I know there are a lot of granolas on healthy option B but I can't find this one anywhere. Could I use this as a healthy option B or would I have to add it as a syn? If so how many syns would it be?

Many thanks!
The cranberry and almond granola isnt a HEB - its 5.5 syns for 25g I'm afraid :(
But I did notice that x1 cranberry & orange foodie market quinoa bar can be a HEB so you could maybe crumble it into your yogurt? Of even better the alpen lights you could have 2 for the healthy extra x