1. aliceliza

    What if something is less than half a syn?

    Hi everyone, I just have a quick question. If a packet of food is 2.5 syns, and I eat exactly half of it, how many syns is that? As you can’t halve 2.5 syns... Or, to put it another way, if a food is “0.5 syn for 2” - what if I only eat one? You can’t half a half syn... so would it be classed...
  2. T


    Hey does anyone know the syn value of sweet and sour chicken with no batter from the Chinese?! Trying to make better choices 😀
  3. C

    Yoghurt syns. Im really confused :(

    Firstly, are all fat free Greek yoghurt syn free? If not what ones are? Secondly, Onken yogurts, what are the syns for: Blubbery and Elderberry 0%fat biopot Vanilla 0%fat biopot Thank you in advance.
  4. S

    Syns Value ??

    HI Everyone , I follow a vegan lifestyle and was curious if anyone knows if nutritional yeast is a free food or has a syn value. Thank you
  5. J

    What are the Syns for muller Fruitopolis yogurt

    Can anyone tell me the syn values for the Muller Fruitolis yogurts please Thanks
  6. MysticalT

    Healthy option B or syn?

    I'm new to this and going it alone from home so any help is appreciated! I've bought some muller light (syn free variety) but I usually add a small amount of granola for a bit of crunch. The granola I have is 'The Foodie market (Aldi) Tangy cranberry and almond oatbran granola'. I know there...
  7. Z

    Syns in dairy free chocolate milk

    Hey everyone Would someone be able to tell me the Hex A amounts for the following dairy free milks? Koko coconut chocolate milk Alpro long life dairy free Soya chocolate milk Alpro Almond dark chocolate Oatly choc milk Alpro coconut milk Alpro chocolate coconut milk Or any suggestions of...
  8. L

    COFFEE.....?!?! argue

    Hi everyone, I'm rather new to this, and slimming world - so bare with me! I love love love my Skinny Vanilla Latte's (sugar free) from Starbucks. If I use my mile as my HEA - does this have a sin value? Thanking you all in advance.
  9. healthyobsessions

    Iceland Butternut Mash?

    Could anyone please tell me the syns in this? It's mainly veg with a bit of butter.... Nutritional Value is - Typical values Per 100g Microwaved Energy 509 kJ / 122 kcal Fat 7.2g (of which saturates) 4.7g) Carbohydrate 11.3g (of which sugars) 2.5g) Fibre 2.1g Protein 1.9g Salt 0.6g Ingredients...
  10. Chris Taylor

    Puddings Great for those missing or cutting out their lovely desserts!

    One of the things I came across quite early on in my diet was this great classic dessert which when you see and taste certainly doesn't make you think you are on a diet. I tweeked it to make it bigger and less Syns so here you go, give it a bash you will love it. Slimming world Trifle. Making...
  11. healthyobsessions

    To syn or not to syn

    Is there anything you don't syn which you should really syn but so far hasn't effected your weight loss? I've heard some people don't syn full sugar drinks, small amounts of oil and of course there's the homemade crisp debate..... ?????!!!!!
  12. Jessica.xx

    SW: First Diary

    Hiii :) :) (Apologies if this has gone into the wrong section, I'm new to this forum and not 100% certain on how to work it) So it's my 3rd week of slimming world my target is to lose 19lbs and I've lost 5lbs so far. :) I've spent almost all my afternoon writing down every single syn value in...
  13. NikolaLuigi

    Motivation = zero

    I've been loving slimming world and the amount of food I can eat - I'm quite healthy in general but just enjoy too much healthy foods ;) recently I've lost motivation for slimming world though How are avocados so high in syns when they are one of the healthiest foods on this planet? And the...
  14. C

    asda butchers selection hot dog bursts - syns value please!

    hey guys, these are a new product so not in my directory but could anyone put this through the syns calculator for me? guessing they are going to be fairly high! asda butchers selection hot dog bursts with american style mustard ypical values (grilled) Per 100g Energy 1154kJ 278kcal Fat 22g...
  15. NikolaLuigi

    5.5 syn treat

    Hi everyone! Today at work I was introduced to the Tim Tam slam. I thought I had to share it with you all because it's the best thing I've ever eaten for 5.5 syns! You make yourself a cup of tea (0.5 syn for splash of milk) or a coffee depending on your preference. Tea works better because of...
  16. NikolaLuigi

    Chocolate milk (hex A?)

    morrisons have a new chocolate milk out - it's "M" white chocolate flavoured milk Looks delicious But I can't work out the syn values at all. And does any part of it count towards Hex A? Like (3 syns plus 1/2 your hex A or something, to allow for the chocolate part of it) Are there any...
  17. S

    Eating out on slimming world please help??

    i am eating out with friends tomorrow at a buffy restaurant called jimmys, could you tell me what type of food I should avoid and what I can eat? This is the restaurant menu :) Thank you
  18. NikolaLuigi

    Hartley Jelly

    So I just read somewhere that the Hartley sugar free jellies that are ready made are free, but the ones in the sachets are 1.5 syns?!?! Is this true? I love jelly and have been treating it as free!
  19. NikolaLuigi

    Healthy Extra B help

    What does everyone use their hex B on each day? When I'm at work I usually use it for a sandwich as it's easiest, but at weekends I struggle to use it and often have just a slice or two of toast to use it up! Apart from Alpen bars, has anyone got other Hex B suggestions? Can I use weetabix or...
  20. NikolaLuigi

    Pub lunch

    Hi everyone :) I am going to the Cricketers pub in Horsell in a few weeks for a family event, and don't know what to have from the menu :confused: I was thinking either jacket potato with tuna mayo, or...
  21. NikolaLuigi


    Sorry, me again! I'm so new to this whole thing so hope my constant questions don't bother you all! Syns in a cup of coffee? Not for me, for my other half - he drinks Nescafé Azera intenso if that makes any difference, and usually has a splash of milk and a half teaspoon of sugar Thanks!
  22. NikolaLuigi


    Hi all Need some help re sausages I seem to recall that the Linda McCarthy red onion sausages are free? Am I right in thinking that? Also, can anyone tell me the syn value for Richmond thick pork sausages? Thanks in advance!
  23. NikolaLuigi


    Help! How many Syns are in the following types of butter? 20g Morrisons Salted Butter 20g Anchor Spreadable 20g Anchor Spreadable Light 20g Clover Thank you in advance!
  24. NikolaLuigi


    Hi Can anyone tell me how many Syns are in 10g of Hellmanns Extra Light Mayo? Thank you in advance!
  25. K

    Extra Easy Frozen Foods

    Does anyone know the syn value of the following items please? Birds Eye Inspirations 2 Pink Salmon Fillets Lemon And Dill 280G Birds Eye Inspirations 2 Cod Fillets Tomato Rosemary Sauce 280G Are there any easy freezer food that is syn free that you recommend please? Thanks!