Healthy pasta!

OMG - I've just a looky at the site and it looks amazing!!!

Can pasta really be zero net carbs and calorie-free???????


Wish they stocked this in my local Tesco! lol
Yes Isobel maybe if we all lobby Tesco and ask them to get it or similar we may eventually get somewhere!

Dizzy x
Hi dizzy..

Im doing great, i seem to be stuck at 1stone and 5lb loss, ive been that for 2 weeks now, Any advise ??

how you doing on this crazy diet ??

Now i have found a website that sells low carb pasta i cant wait to eat again, I love pasta !!

I sometimes forget most of you guys are in the UK.

I am pretty lucky to have an Asian market about 2 blocks from me where I can get traditional Shirataki noodles, but other more traditional pasta shapes seems like fun! They do taste like NOTHING, but for 0 carbs I really don't care! :p Its great for taking on the flavor of the sauce.

The more I reserch the more impressed with a simple noodle I become....

Glucomannan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anyone else have any great new healthy finds?

I already love Quorn, but the product range here in the states is pathetically small :(
We have a new product being launched at Christmas, I wonder what that could be:rolleyes:

All CDC's get along to the conference on the 2nd December its a great day and there will be new things available.
Hi Linda

Is it a soup pack with noodles in then?


Noodles with soup in?

Don't suppose you will say, more than your jobsworth!

Will just have to learn some patience.

Dizzy x
Hi Linda

So as obvious as that! Is it for SSing of for additional food on the other plans.

Dizzy x
Not sure as yet very early stages and not 100% certain this will be new product - could be something completely different. Last year we got Orange winter spice shake.

So fingers crossed.
What a tease!

I like the sound of it better than the exercise video though. Lazy thing that I am.

Dizzy x
If the shirataki noodles have no carbs or calories could we not have them whilst SSing? maybe cook them in a oriental chilli soup? Mmmm.... someone please say yes, I have a korean foodstore nearby that sells them.