Heard it all now.


Gone fishing
A lady asked me how I'd lost my weight this morning and I told her how I'd done the Cambridge diet

Her: I tried that a few months ago. Didn't work
Me: Why didn't it work for you? What happened?
Her: I had my shake for breakfast, but by 8 o'clock I felt tired and hungry. Had to have something to eat!
Me: The evenings can be tough the first few days
Her: No! 8 o'clock in the morning!

First morning too.

She went on to say she was soooo hungry, she had to have a fryup:confused:

Guess the diet isn't for her just yet :D

Yes I had someone drop off a few weeks ago and returned 20 packs.

They lasted till 9:30am and "had to eat" as they were hungry.

So very hard to explain to them that it is just a few days and then you get skinny!
Awww I have to admit, I laughed at first but its quite sad really. I really wish I could persuade people that the first few days are the hardest and then the diet is easier than any diet I have ever followed in my life!

So many people are asking me what I am doing and only 2 have been thinking about joining, the rest say ohhh I couldnt' give up my alcohol or I couldnt give up this or that, I try and say, yes but in a couple of months you could be two stone lighter!! you can introduce things later if you want. and to be honest the past two nights out I have been out on the p*ss (but not drinking) i have enjoyed myself so much more! I danced all night and watched my friends get absolutely ratted, held their hair back and smirked that it wasn't me feeling rough as hell the next morning! Hopefully will reap the benefits on thursdays weigh in.

I still believe that I was the most stubborn person when it came to diets (i suppose everyone feels a bit like this sometimes) and I always say, If i can do it, anyone can. I know I haven't lost loads, but sticking to it this far is a major achievement for me.

Don't get me wrong, I am sure ill have times in the future when I will join my friends at the all you can eat chinese and get absolutely ratted on chinese beer, but hey, they will be a lot less frequent than now, coz there is no way I want to buy big clothes again!

Sorry rambled a lot then didn't i. At least my new boss thinks im working hard! heehee
Well said Ajax! :)

By the way, Karion was that me and you having that conversation??? :D :D
Nope. Definitely wasn't you Diva:)

She looked very much like me 10 years ago. Reckon I might have been doing a bit of time travelling there.:eek:

I guess it wasn't her time. Shame though!
That's it.

As I always say you can only gain control of the situation when you are ready to do so. Not when you think you should be ready . . . but when you truly are.