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can anyone tell me what i am allowed to take for heartburn whilst on LL ? :mad: I get it bad when my stomaches empty and sometimes get acid reflux during the night which is terrible , i have to eat lots of chewing gum and drink milk to get rid of it , its disgusting !!! :mad: all help greatly appreciated ! :break_diet:
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Playing the Angel

I suffered terribly and I mean terribly here from heartburn prior to starting LL, however since then I haven't had one instance of it every!! Hang in there hun. You will probably find when you do finally re introduce food that it is linked to bread or complex carbs or dairy...



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I used to have it loads to but not anymore too. Sleep elevated and don't eat too late. And certainly don't eat gum!!

A lot of it is to do with your eating habits and also that you are over weight. Once you start changing those things, it will change too.
I too used to get really bad acid reflux at night, so much so that at one point I regularly lost my voice as my throat was being damaged from it, and I used to wake up most night feeling so bad that I would make myself sick just to try and empty my stomach of the acid (stupid idea really but hey when you're desperate you do dumb things).

Since starting LL and losing my first stone (3 weeks into the program) I haven't had it at all, even when I went back on to real f**d (albeit not eating to the extremes I used to) so I figured it was largely due to my obesity so you might well find that it goes away as you lose the weight :)

In the meantime, I just used to drink plenty of water before I went to bed, and I found that sleeping with my front half elevated by pillows greatly helped too :)
I've been 20 stone, and then lost down to 13 stone (on cals). The heartburn will stop soon, Be patient, and if your worried about ruining your diet, just use Bi carb powder in water. Cal free and in ya kitchen cupboard. Tastes vile though....


Playing the Angel
Check with your LLC as it might put you out of Ketosis. When on LL follow the rules, stick to the plan, eat only what you are allowed, otherwise it can really hinder your progress.

Hi Amanda
I can understand you askingthese questions.However don't be anxious - anyday now most of them will resolve and most people feel healthier and have fewer things like reflux and heartburn than they did prior to LL.
It just takes a little time for your body to adjust to such a dramatic changr in diet. It soon settles down.
I'm sure you'll be fine.

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