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HEB Pitta Bread


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Does anyone have the nutritional info for the old ASDA wholemeal pittas? I know they aren't stocked anymore but I was wondering what qualified them as a HEB.

I ask because I just bought the Waitrose Organic Wholemeal Pitta which are 137 cals each, with 0.1g sat fat, and 4g fibre each.

Do they compare?

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If you do a search I posted the nutritional info a while back so someone could compare them with Tesco. Although the info was very similar the Tesco ingredients were a lot more processed which ruled them out as a HEB. The same will likely apply to the Waitrose ones I'm afraid.
They are back on sale at my local Asda.


is working hard.....
The Waitrose ones are as follows:

Per Pitta:

137 kcals, 0.8g fat (0.1g saturated), 3.8g protein, 28.5g carb (1.6g sugars) 4.0g fibre, and 0.21g sodium.

Per 100g:

228 kcals, 1.4g fat (0.2g saturated), 6.4g protein, 47.5g carb (2.6g sugars) 6.6g fibre, 0.35g sodium.

The actual ingredients are:

Organic wholemeal wheatflour (40%), water, organic wheat flour, yeast , sea salt.
(I'm impressed and don't consider them processed in any way!)

To my mind, thats pretty good nutritional info, and surely must be a contender for a HEB?

How do I ask SW about it?

Youl have to e-mail them- i know a few have done so on here so may have a direct email address for you.

i bought the tescos ones this week- i figure having one, on one odd day as a HEB is not going to kill me.
I'd mentioned this on another thread today, but I have read numerous threads over recent weeks that have said that the ASDA pittas are no longer a healthy extra because the manufacturer has changed and they are made differently - they are now shown as being produced by a company called "Flatbread co" and now have oil listed as an ingredient like most other pittas - apparently, that was the one difference with ASDA that made them a HEX whilst other w/meal pittas were not.

Unless someone knows different, or maybe the old style pittas are back in stock, but that was the way I read it.

Having said that - the ingredients list on the Waitrose pitta looks pretty promising - no oil on there, so maybe those might get approval as a valid HEX - here's hoping.

I do agree with FernXx though - the odd w/meal pitta here or there taken as a healthy extra is not going to be the end of the world
ok this is probably going to start a riot but: slimming world put in place the HEX to get a good fibre does per day so health wise its good for you, cal wise (and that is why we are all losing weight cos we are eating less-basically) its roughly the same so in theory its fine the same with white bread instead of brown etc im not saying you should do it every day but its no big deal! x
Cool, my local shop is a co-op so I'm working on the basis that they're close enough to be a healthy extra.

its annoying when things look so similar but yet for some completely mysterious reason, SW find reason to treat them differently

On a similar vein, I bought some McVities 30% reduced fat rich tea biscuits earlier - looked them up on syns online, and they were 2 syns - exactly the same as the full fat version. My tiny brain tells me they should be lower - so why arent they?

I'm sure I'd like this plan more if i understood it!


is working hard.....
So near........ but yet so far!

Had a reply from SW stating:

Thank you for your email regarding Waitrrose pitta bread. I can confirm unfortunately this one doesn't fit the criteria to qualify as a Healthy Extra B choice. When considering whether a products is suitable or not we do have to take all of the nutrition into account. I can also confirm they will be 7 Syns each.
I hope this helps you. Wishing you every success with your weight loss campaign.
What a nice reply, but a real shame it doesn't *fit*.

I'm very impressed by the quality and nutritional information of these particular Pitta Breads though and for those moments when a Pitta is needed then I will definitely use these - well worth the 7 syns :) xx

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