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Height & Target weight


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Hi all,

I've been wondering what peoples target weights are???

I've set myself quiet a high target and comment to my friend about it and she said.......won't you still be big: (friend might have to recategorise her :D )

I'm 5ft 7 and target is 12 stone (i think its BMI of about 26)

Should i go lower.....what do you think, what are other peoples targets
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Get to what you feel comfortable at.

I am 5'2 and my target weight is 12st! You wont look big at 5'7 and 12st!!!!

Dont listen to bmi's - personally i think they are crap! Apparantly when i am at 12st (after losing 7st 6lbs) i will still be obese! But aslong as you are comfy with how you look and feel then you shouldnt feel like you 'need' to lose more weight to fit in with a chart!! Take someone full of muscle for example, they are going to weigh alot even though they probably dont have an ounce of fat on them and bmi tells them they are obese - for this reason i think its pants! lol


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Summergurl is right Goldengirl. Everyone are different shapes and sizes at the different weights. I am now 11stone 7lb and am a size 14. I need to fit into my dressess that I have already bought for my jollies that are a 14 (but a small 14 so need to get to a 12) so estimate that I will need to get to 10stone 7lb to do this. I am 5' 6" and at 12 stone would still be a size 16?? It is puzzling. You just need to get to the size you feel comfortable at. I am not aiming for a weight as such, I just need to fit into my clothes, lol.


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Hi hun! Have to say i agree with whats been said! It's what you feel personally comfortable with! I'm nearly 5ft8 and at the moment i only want to get to 13 stone! I know i'll be a very comfortable size 14 then, even a 12 in some places, which to me is perfect. So 12 stone is still big as your friend put it..i'd be quite happy to be big :D xx


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once again, they're all right! i'm 5'3 and my target is 11st. technically that still makes me overweight but my bmi states i should be between 8st 1 and 10st 1 which i just dont care about - 11 would do me fine!!


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Well, my target was/is 9 1/2 stone which would give me a bmi of 24 (i.e. 'healthy'), but I think I'll settle for 10 stone (if I get there!)- but I'll no longer be 'obese' so will be happy enough! I'm 11st 4lb atm and a size 12/14. I'd love to be a size 12, but we'll see....?

Oh...and I'm 5ft 2"


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I agree with what everyone else has said. You need to figure out what looks good on you. If you get to 12 stone and feel healthy and look good, then that's enough. If you get to 12 stone and feel you could lose a few more lbs, then go for that too.

I'm hoping to get to about 10st 7lbs as I know that's where I look the best. When I was 20-24 I was about 8st to 8st 7lbs and I looked really gaunt. It's funny looking back at those pics, it was too much for me. When I looked the best, I was around the 10st 7lb mark, so that's my target.

I also have big boobs and honestly, that does that make a difference!! I'm currently a 36F but even when I was much thinner I never went below a D cup.

Forget BMI's!! Some bodybuilders are considered "overweight" but in fact have low body fat. BMI is just a crude measurement. It's not 100% accurate.


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im 5" 7 too my goal is about 10 stone as i want to get into size 12 for my wedding in 16 weeks i started back on this diet at just over 12 stone and i am now 11 stone 3.5lbs.


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I'm 5"3" and my target is 10st 3lbs. I raised it by 3lbs this week cos I don't think 10st would be maintainable for me. We'll see how I get on though. Even at this weight I will still be classed as overweight but that doesn't bother me at all (seeing as I started at Class III obese!!). I am already happy with the weight I am at but another stone off would make me very happy indeed.


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Yup....I'm still classed as overweight but I DON'T BLOOMING CARE. I feel totally FAB at a size 14, still have some curves left....just! to prevent my OH from packing his bags!!!....LOL!! Am buying something new to wear nearly every day! Got....wait for it.... 7 pretty dresses, 3 day dresses (from my sis-in-law), 3 skirts, 5 jackets, 4 pairs linen trousers, blue jeans, black jeans, 4 bolero-type cardies, 1 chiffon top, 4 tee-shirts, 4 handbags, 4 pairs of shoes........and beads, bangles, belts and earrings to accessorise the lot with!!! Had a total blast!!!!


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BMI's aren't all that, they kinda just give you a rough idea of where your weight should be. But I guess it does depend more on your image.

I'm 5ft 6inch and the highest I can be is 11st and the lowest is 8st 11lbs, but there is no way I am going to go that low. I'm happy with 10st or slightly lower into the 9's.

Don't forget that the taller you are, the more you have to weigh. If you were the same weight as my older sis who is 5ft 3inch and weighing say 16st, she'd look way bigger than you would. Me and my older sis were the same weight once but she looked much heavier and fatter. It's all about the height. But if you're happy with your image, that's all that should matter.


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I completely agree im not doing this on weight really im aiming for a size 10 and at the moment im 14/16 and i assume a dress size is around a stone so im going for around 9stone 7lb at the moment im 13stone 13lb and 5ft 5in but if i get into a 10 before hand i will stop if im happy.

Good luck x


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I went for my 1st official weigh in this morning and was expecting to be told that my goal weight was a bit low as its in the lower end of the BMI range. However the girl there actually gave me a goal weight 3lb lower!

I am 5ft 6in and I would like to be around 9st 8lb, they suggested 9st 5lb..... I will re-evaluate when I am around 10st, it will depend on what clothes I can fit in.
I kept an old pair of my jeans that I actually wore the week after my 3rd child was born, my thin 15yo couldnt do them up last night... I wont even be trying for them now!
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I always said I wanted to be slimmer, not skinny as at the age of 37 it is not that attractive to be all bones, hubby needs something to hold onto!


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hy hun everyones diffrent it depends on what you will be happy with i think it does depend on your height aswell me being 12st wouldnt work as im short well classed as short so iv aimed for about 10 st where i have a friend and shes taller then me and shes around 12 st and she looks great set a goal that your happy with and will feel comfortable gl xxxxxxx

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