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Helen's Journey.

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Weight Loss Diaries' started by hez, 7 July 2014 Social URL.

  1. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    I started this journey on 1/7/14. I decided the day before that was it, i needed to do something for ME and so my journey began. Funny how my staff then said to me, u should eat this, that n the other, as tomorrow u will be on TFR. Needless to say I didn't listen to them. What was the point of eating like 5000 calories, to start losing it the day after...
    I have had a mixed week, my days have been OKish. Struggled with water at the start, I think I was over thinking the whole water situation. Which was good as it made me forget about what i was actually doing (not eating, picking, indulging). I had a headache for a couple of days, saying that it wasn't bad enough to warrant medication.
    I am on 3 strawberry shakes for the forceable future, but thats ok. I have a long way to go, and i am looking forward to it. Im embracing the new me i will be meeting every week as the weight falls off. Weigh in tomorrow morning I have given 100% so i welcome whatever number it is.
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  3. goose

    goose Well-Known Member

    how much have you lost so far? Xx
  4. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    Hi Goose. I have my weigh in tomorrow! and I havent weighed myself at home at all.... Have a tendency to step up everytime i'm in the bathroom lol so I have not started that behaviour yet!!! Lol Your doing great, your well into the swing of things. xxx
  5. Nai

    Nai Well-Known Member

    Hiya.. I'v just completed week 1..

    3 strawberries shakes a day- have you a special way of making them as i hate the strawberry ones x
  6. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Well-Known Member

    You say a long way to go. Time will fly I'm sure. Hope it does with mine to lol 8 weeks for me seems nothing compared to the 20 weeks I did before lol. ??
    Good luck. Remember every day that passes is a day closer to where you want to be xxx
  7. roxie89xxxx

    roxie89xxxx Well-Known Member

    Nai- it's up to you depending how you like your milkshakes. I tend to just do what I think and add water as I go lol.
    I hate my thick but some love it thick. I have mine but have the water half a pint. Makes it more tolerable I find. I also get two straws (crazy as it sounds) put them right at the back of my tongue and quickly drink it lollll xx
  8. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    Had my first weigh in this morning. Delighted to have lost 11lbs! Go ME!!! Lol @ Nai, I started having the shakes with 400mls of water, as there is not a hope I could drink them other wise. Today I'm making them with 450ml, the lady said it will be another 150ml of water a day without me noticing. How are you guys doing?
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  9. Nai

    Nai Well-Known Member

    I make them with 240mls, i put 3/4's spoon of coffee and down it..Chocolate, with cold peppermint tea and down them. The strawberry yuck, trying to think of an idea to jazz it up! Its the smell of them!! I dont like normal milkshakes.

    Well done with the weight loss, 11lbs is brilliant.. Wish it was like this every week.
  10. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    @Nai well done on ur weight loss. Im not a milkshake kinda person either, my downfall would have been coca cola. I dont mind the strawberry one, its the only one I can drink. Im not a fan of chocolate full stop!!! And the vanilla one..... :( @roxie89 lol at the straws. xxx
  11. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    On day 9. So far i have actually enjoyed the diet, I have not found it a chore or difficult to do. Saying that I think you really need to want to lose the weight, to do this diet. Coming on here is also one of the best things to help. As unless you are on the LT diet you don't understand, what exactly it is. I have noticed a couple of changes myself. Without knowing how much I had lost I knew I had loss something, as my belly was no longer touching the steering wheel. Small thing but I could see that even if to the outside world Im still the fat lady. Another thing is my nails, I have eaten them down to the point where I actually wouldn't be able to sleep, they would be throbbing.... :( I have nails, and at some time in the near future will be going for a manicure. That is something that I would never ever been able to do before. Its all these small things that are going to keep me on track. Heres hoping to everyone having a great day xxx
  12. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Welcome Helen and well done on your first weigh in! Great result:happy096:
  13. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mini.
  14. mistymoo15

    mistymoo15 Member

    Hey you did so well last week, keep us informed. I'm a week behind you so really enjoying your posts as so positive. I'm hoping I will be too
  15. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    Day 10 today. Have pins and needles in one hand. But i have a feeling i had that too last time. Im going great, still on it 100% not been tempted by anything or anyone. I have a fast food diner/take away. So I'm preparing/cooking/serving food 15 hours a day. I have sat with customers while they have eaten and nothing, nada. Saying that i have been very busy. Hubby has been cooking at home for himself and kids. I do find myself thinking about cooking meals at home. Thats when i'm finished Lt that this house will have a routine. And i will be doing meal plans, i think i need that structure or else I will be back again. I hope that when i come back on this forum, its as a maintainer to support all. I really do have my head in the right place this time. Still strawberry shakes all the way, getting a tad used to all this water. Delighted watching my nails growing! :)
  16. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    @mistymoo this forum is one the positives of any diet. As you can talk to people who know exactly how you feel. Everyone inspires each other. No one judges anyone. Its fantastic. Keep up your good work, and let us know how you are doing. :) xxx
  17. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I also had pins and needles in my fingers on the left hand but it did not last long...it was in my first or second week.

    You deserve a medal!

    My husband did the cooking for the first couple of weeks and I went to another room but now I have no problem cooking meals.

    Do you not like the flapjacks?

    I would be lost without them.
  18. harriet2

    harriet2 serial poster

    re the nail thing they do tend to grow more and better whilst using lt (or they do for me anyway) must be all the vitamins we are throwing down our neck drinking the shakes :) another good thing to come out of it :)

    h x
  19. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    @mini Mine is my left hand too. Lol I don't actually eat/like cakes, biscuits, chocolate or ice cream. So Im assuming I wouldn't like them either. :0 i don't mind the strawberry shakes :)
  20. hez

    hez Well-Known Member

    @harriet Im looking forward to a manicure. As its not something I can normally do. I have a beautiful engagement and eternity ring which i hardly ever wear. As with no nails, they look out of sorts. Its a small yet significant change for me :) xxx
  21. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    I asked my Pharmacist about it and he had no idea what might cause it...I had it before on Lipotrim.

    Flapjacks I can promise you are not like any cakes/biscuits, chocolate or ice cream you have tasted before...they taste strange at first because of the vitamins etc...I got a bit of a shock the first time as I bit into one so I don't recommend that...they are an acquired taste... I break little bits off and drink plenty of water with it.

    They give you something to chew which is great and after a while you get to like them and no longer can taste the vitamins in them...I like the peanut one the best...well worth asking for one to try out, you probably won't like it but it is worth trying it again later on as your taste buds change and you might be desperate for something to chew.

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