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Team FFF!!!
Well i doubt any of you missed me lol but I've been away on holiday for just over a week :D It was a fantastic holiday, just at a haven park near us but it was fab

The downside is that i am sure I have put on about half a stone:break_diet::cry: I am dreading going to wi tomorrow, I've not been able to get back into the diet either, I feel a bit lost and definately not inspired and my class tomorrow is rubbish as the consultant really is no good, I spoke to friends who go on a monday and their consultant is no better either unfortunately so basically i'm on my own (apart from here and a friend who goes with me).

What do you guys do when you have lost the kick to stick to it lol
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Glad you had a lovely holiday, and at least you are wanting to get back into the zone. I cant really offer advice as I havent had a blip yet, however, one of the things that keeps me going is having my ticker at the bottom of the post - i love seeing the amount I have to loose decrease each week, you should add one. Something Ive heard suggested is re-read all your old books and magazines for inspiration and support xxx Good luck, and we're here for you x


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Welcome back Mrs B, of course we missed you! You expect 7lb so plan for that and if you have put on less it will be a bonus. Start again from Thursday and once you are back on plan properly it will soon fall off x


Team FFF!!!
Thanks Taz, and for the rep comment x

I know it is really naughty but I am actually having a takeaway wednesday night after weigh in then I am starting as if it is from the begining on the thursday:eek:


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That's not naughty it's sensible. It will bring your holiday to a proper close then you can start afresh on Thursday.

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
I noticed you were'nt about Mrs B, it's great that you had a fab time and taz is right, Thursday is the ideal day to get back on track lol.... I wonder how ruthy is enjoying her holiday, I hope she's having a ball.


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I'm sure she is and I'm also sure that, like most of us, when she comes back she will say she has put on loads and is cross with herself. But come on guys, we try so hard all year round. Why shouldn't we kick back and enjoy ourselves once or twice a year? Why should we feel like we've failed if we come back from a great holiday half a stone heavier? As long as we had a good time it is worth it.

We all know that the key to any diet is having our heads in the right place for it to work. Enjoying ourselves then accepting the consequences rather than beating ourselves up over it will keep us on track.

Everyone, enjoy your holidays! x


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Welcome back honey, hope you had nice weather!! I don't diet when I am on hols, I prefer to enjoy my food :)

But now the weather has turned nice, get out and get an extra bit of exercise, when I lose motivation, I take a break from SW but up my exercise so that even though I am not losing, I don't gain either. That way when I am ready I start back fresh with better motivation and more exercise under my belt!

Glad to have you back!!



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When I used to do WW I always used to eat whatever I liked on hols. Trouble is that my metabolism is shot to pieces so I would lierally gain a il for every day I was away (and we usually go for 14 days - a stone in a fortnight :eek:) but I would always get back on it after my first WI back and would lose it pretty quickly too. I think if it goes on quick it will come off quick as long as you stick to the plan.

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I've just got back from a few days in Cornwall and although I tried very hard to stick to the plan, it was very difficult. I mostly had the vegetarian option in restaurants but it was invariably covered in cheese or a cream sauce. In the end I gave up and on Monday and Tuesday ate what I liked (Cornish pasty, anyone?). We got back very late last night so I missed class yesterday which is probably just as well. I now have a week to lose whatever I might have put on while away. One advantage though, was that we did a great deal of walking and there are a lot of steep hills in St Ives so at least I got my exercise done while on hols.:D

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