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    I did Lipotrim last August for just under a month to test it and see how it worked etc and planned to get back on it after my holiday - which I never did. I have been very stressed and was off unwell for 2 months and have put a heck load of weight on. I am determined this time and determined to say no and work arounds for meals with family. So i was due to start yesterday and in 2 weeks i start a new job (which will make me more happy and more determined) however I am going in this Friday for a big conference and dinner in the evening. This will be the first time I meet the whole company and CEO and I need to make a really good impression I am not going to not eat all day. So I was going to do TFR up until then but then I found out that this Thursday its my dad belated fathers day meal as we are going to a show after! My weigh in day will be Saturday. Yesterday I did 2 shakes and dinner to ease myself in and im thinking today/tomorrow TFR, thursday 1 shake and dinner, friday just eat healthy? I don't know what else i can do :( BUT as from Saturday no food will be touching these lips.

    Im so down and depressed about my weight. I am only 23 and have never been this big :(

    Please be kind.

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    Hi anita

    Why dont you start on saturdsy after all the meals are done with

    LIPOTRIM really works best when yourb0 body is in ketosis and the programme really is a total food replacement programme.

    You might just save yourself alot of stress by starting a few days later. Thsts not to say that you cant do healthy eating habits until than
  4. neetsnewts91

    neetsnewts91 Member

    Hi Goose,

    That's what I am thinking too as I am wasting the shakes and they are expensive. I will start saturday, any advise? Need to lose 4 stone to be back to my 'normal' weight
  5. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Sounds like a good plan... And you can enjoy your last few meals knowing itll be awhile before you eat again!!! And yes it's v expensive so u want to make sure your getting the best out of it.

    If you scroll down the main forum you'll see my thread 'top tips for newbies' ... Go have a read ;) ill see if i can find it and bump it up for u x
  6. Totally agree. Live it up and eat all your favourite foods guilt free for a week and choose a time that suits you to start. Once you have the first week over you will see dramatic results. Be prepared to buy new clothes within a month :D Also before you start it is a good idea to get full bloods done. Especially thyroid, cholesterol and liver function. Get your blood pressure checked as well. When you have finished your refeed you can compare the results :D I know weight can get you down but this plan is easy to follow because it takes it out of your hands- you can't mess up by accident. Keep strong. Get in control and don't worry. The smaller you is waiting to come out :D Make sure to join the threads for support and good luck my dear :clap:

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