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  1. Caterina

    Caterina Member

    Hi, I slipped after a good weight loss (2 st +) and need to lose a half stone/3 Kg to get back on track. This is only an interim goal as I am 13 st now and want to go below 12 st. No clear goal, I need to see how I look and feel before knowing when I am at goal.

    I signed up to WW monthly pass so I can use the app and also be weighed at meetings.

    I don't enjoy the meetings so I found a lovely drop in where they just weigh you and if you want a chat with the WW leader she gives you some time, but no lengthy lectures or pushing products on you! Just the ticket. Especially after budget cuts forced my GP surgery to remove their weight clinic where I used to go (for free) to be weighed.

    I was started on the Simple Start so will create a food diary here in the forum to keep track.

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  3. diviajar

    diviajar Full Member

    Hi Caterina,

    Wow, such a loss just shows you can do anything you decide to. Congratulations! It's a lot of will power.

    What advise would you give to a person who doesn't have such a strong willpower?
  4. Caterina

    Caterina Member

    Hi, I, thank you for your kind words. The fact is, I did not need willpower as such, it was just the case that a switch flipped in my head and I was utterly fed up of being so fat and unhealthy. I had tried umpteen times to lose weight but my head and heart weren't in it, I was not doing it for myself. I don't mean to sound smug, far from it, but it just happened at the right time.

    I had found a book about low carb, which I had never considered before, and just modified it to suit me as an almost-vegetarian (tiny amount of fish eaten for health reasons only), stopped drinking alcohol (not much but just enough to make me lose control over the munchies), dropped the snacks, reduced my portions, increased my intake of proteins, made sure I had tons of vegetables, but what made the biggest difference was I DROPPED SUGAR.

    And I started working out, in earnest, 3-4 times a week.

    I started on 1st February 2011 at just over 90 Kg and by June 2012 I was just under 78 Kg. Then over the following years I lost momentum and am now at 83 Kg.

    I found that low carb alone is not sustainable so am aiming to eat small amount of whole grains, together with the usual masses of veg, decent amounts of proteins and stay off the sugary treats.

    Which incidentally is my biggest struggle. Yesterday I failed miserably on this account, as per my food diary in the food diaries thread.

    One small battle lost but I shall win the war, I hope, eventually!
  5. diviajar

    diviajar Full Member

    You will!

    I'll increase my protein intake.

    You know your stuff. And knowledge is power!
  6. Caterina

    Caterina Member

    Hello, nearly one year on, it is so good to find my old threads and be back! No, let me explain, it is not so good that I still need to lose weight, but to find that my perception of myself as having put "an enormous amount of weight back" is incorrect.

    I thought I had put a huge amount of weight since last year's weight loss, but in reality I am only just over 3 lbs heavier than last year in May, as shown from my posts above. And this is after a very bad year, full of worries and troubles and not having a kitchen for several months! And a winter! And Christmas! Won't bore you with the life troubles, nothing can be done and no point in whinging, but I had my kitchen refurbished quite dramatically and now I have a lovely brand new one, no excuses, time for a fresh start.

    Anyway, on the crest of the "£10 for the first month" wave, I have rejoined WW. I was with SW for a short time but found I did not much like the group leader's style and still struggle with the word "syns".

    I have have just found the loveliest, friendliest WW group just around the corner where I live and started yesterday on the F&H programme.

    Wish me luck, please, I shall try to post my food every day here.

    Have a good Sunday!

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